About Medical School Admission and future Career options


If you have chosen to study medicine then you have different career options to choose according to your interest, motivations, and capabilities. Many doctors prefer to work in their chosen scope and focus on a body part whereas others have specialization in specific clientele. When it comes to studying medicine in the US, it is extremely challenging and needs your passion and hard work. After completing your graduation you are eligible to help people and save their lives.

International students who love to help people and also interested in studying medicine in the US, face different challenges to complete their education. This path is very hard but brings a lucrative reward in your well-paying jobs that you can be proud of. You can hire medical career suitability consultation services to get professional advice for your medical school admission in the US.

About Application process

If you are an international student then you have to complete your four-year bachelor's degree before applying to any medical school. But, keep in mind that every school has its requirements like your bachelor's degree should be in following science courses including organic chemistry, biology, and general chemistry. Some of the schools also need that you also have other subjects like math, English, science classes.  You should look into the medical school requirements while you are still an undergraduate so you can enroll in the appropriate classes.

Apart from this, candidates are also required to write the MCAT test that stands for Medical College Admissions Test. The test will play a vital role in determining your ability to think, solving problem, and writing clearing and measuring your knowledge of different scientific concepts. If you score well in your MCAT then it increases your chances of getting admission to medical school. Unfortunately, as an international student, you will have some disadvantages for local students. You are always allowed to apply for more expensive private universities.

The medical school application is very complicated, especially for international candidates. If you also need professional advisory for your medical school admission or to know more about career options in this profession, then you can go with the Bearing Academy Medical Career Suitability Consultation services.

Career Options in the Medical Profession

The medical field comes with different career options:-

• Family Physicians

You can start working as family physicians to treat people of all ages. As a family physician, you will be responsible to provide primary care to the patients. It means you will help people in promoting their healthy lifestyle as well as serve them first when they are sick or need your help. In the US before start practicing, family physicians are required to complete an additional three years of family medicine residency in the country.

• Hospitalist

A hospitalist is a physician who works as an employee in the hospital. They will be responsible to handle hospital duties ranging from palliative to specialized care.  

• Surgeon

A surgeon is a count as the highest paying career in the medical field. The average salary of a surgeon in the US is more than $200, 000 a year and if you decided to become a surgeon then it will prove a highly rewarding career for you. Of course, for this, you need more schooling to get specialization and work hard for it. As a surgeon, you need to work for long hours and always be available on call at all times of the day. This job is very stressful but if you love your profession and passionate about saving patients' lives it is a suitable job for it.


During the surgery, anesthesiologists are responsible to provide drugs to the patient with an intensive care unit. These drugs are used to render the patient unconscious and need to be delivered at a specific dose to prevent any harm. This job seems like one of the easier jobs in medicine but that’s not true. Surgeons cannot start patient surgery without this assistance. It means anesthesiologists have to work the same unpredictable time as surgeons.

These are a few career options from which you can choose one to build your future in the medical profession. It doesn’t matter which career you decide in the medicine stream but all of them are respectful and rewarding profiles.

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