Academic preparation required to apply for medical school


Academic requirements for medical school application vary depending on the country and university you’re applying to. European and Asian countries generally allow students to apply directly after graduation from high school and the medical training usually lasts 6 years. In contrast, medical schools in Canada, the US and in Central America will only consider applications from students who already have at least one undergraduate degree, and therefore, the medical training is usually shorter (3 to 4 years).

Applications to medical students are very popular.  You need to make sure that you meet or exceed the requirements for the schools before you consider to apply.

Most medical school will require pre-requisite academic courses.  Make sure you have completed or in the midst of completing them before you apply.

Most school will also require a personal interview as part of the application process. 

Some medical schools will require an entrance exam such as MCAT in North America, UKCAT in UK. 

It is important for you check in with the individual school that you are interested and to ensure that you meet their requirement before applying. 

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