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So finally, you are invited to the medical school interview. Great job! It is the most important step in your journey of becoming a doctor and shows that medical school is seriously interested in considering you for admission. In this blog, we are sharing some essential tips that help you to get ready for your medical school interview. 

The process of the interview varies according to different medical schools like a group interview, one-on-one interviews or panel interviews. In some schools, an interview may be conducted by faculties only while others, the interviews may also include students and other staff from admission. So, let have a look at how you can increase your chances to stand out in the interview. 

1. Know the typical questions of the Medical School Interview

It is always good to get some idea what type of questions are expect in the interview and get prepare for it. You should know your answer in such a manner that it will not sound rehearsed or ingenuine. Most of the questions are mainly focused to know the candidate’s background, personality, medical knowledge, interest, career goals, etc. 

2. Learn more about the Medical School

A question that you cannot ignore is “why you choose our medical school?” Therefore, you should get all the information about school history, reputation, the latest development, and other information. If you are having all these things at your fingertips then you can impress the admission panel with your answer. All the information can be received from the school’s website, catalogs, and newsletters. Apart from it, you can grab some more information by visiting the school before the interview and talk to some of the students and staff. 

3. Review your application

Review your application sections thoroughly especially your volunteer work, essays, test scores, and course work, academic performance, etc. because admission committee can ask you questions related to these topics. The highest probability is that, you have submitted your application months ago and you may not remember all the information written on the application. In case they ask you something that you wrote in the application but forget then it becomes embarrassing for you. So, to avoid such an embarrassing moment you need to recall all the information you wrote in your application. 

4. Stay up-to-date with Medical field

The medical field keeps changing with advanced treatment approaches and technologies. Every week or month, a new medical study or new innovation is announced in the medical industry. Being a medical school applicant, you should keep updated with most of these changes to show your proactive personality in front of the interviewers. To enhance your knowledge you should read medical journals, blogs, etc.

5. Personal Grooming 

When you are going for a medical school interview, you should be professionally dressed up in the right way that leaves your impressive impression on others. The dress should be comfortable, well-fitted and without any distracting patterns. 

6. End with Thank You

After the interview, within 24 hours send a follow-up thank-you note to the interview panel members for their time and opportunity to interview. A handwritten note provides a personal touch and is a refreshing gesture that will stand you apart from other applicants. 

These are a few simple tips that increase your chances of get admission in the school. If you are still confused or nervous about the interview then Bearing Academy consultants can help you by offering professional school interview preparation services. We have a team of professional experts who are well-experienced and provide consultation services to get the candidates selected in medical and law school. We provide the complete consulting services for medical and law school admission including pre and on-going professional advisory, Medical school interview preparation, personal statement consultation and more. 





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