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A personal statement is one of the essential parts of the admission process that help the school admission committee to know more about the individual candidate. Based on your personal statement, the admission committee will evaluate you and learn about your strength. So, when you write the personal statement make sure you submit a generic and convincing statement that improves your chances of getting admission. You should take it as an opportunity that allows you to tell more about your strength, quality, and personal traits in front of the committee. This will highlight your strengths and make you stand out from thousands of applications piled on the table.

But, writing a personal statement can be a stressful task where professional statement writing consultation services can prove beneficial for you. If you are also looking for professional services from experts to improve your admission chances, then you should approach the trusted Bearing Academy experts.

Bearing Academy- Provide assistance to write a personal statement

When it comes to writing personal statements, you should understand each school’s requirements to define its criteria for admission. Professional schools prefer those students who have excellent academic records, personal attributes, and intellectual potential. Bearing Academy professionals are experienced and know the different criteria of admission required by the schools. They help their students by offering them personal statement consulting services and increase the chance of getting admission. They provide their consultation in 6 online sessions of up to 45 minutes each time over the four-month period and guide to writing the narrative that will get the admission officer's attention. 

Bearing Academy is supported by the highly experienced team of consultants who work one-on-one with candidates and advise them on how to write the persuasive personal statement during the sessions.  They ensure that your statement is attractive and attention-grabbing that attracts the admission officer. The consultant not only helps in writing the statement but also advises counsels and encourages you to write your own story. They make sure that your statement is not plagiarized or copied otherwise your application will be rejected by the admission officer. You should know that there is zero-tolerance for copied content and will make you immediately disqualified in the race of getting admission in your choice of professional medical or law school.

Why choose Bearing Academy

Bearing Academy is a trusted education, career, and life advisory institute that offers professional advisory for students who want to build their career in the legal and medical professions. If you are also preparing for law or medical school admission and need Personal Statement Consultation, then you can approach us. We have designed online personal statement consulting sessions that help you in every stage of the admission process. We know the rules of writing a personal statement and make sure your statement is properly written without any plagiarized content.  The factors that stand us different from others: -

  • We are backed by the highly talented team of experts who are practitioners in the legal and medical professions placed internationally with diverse backgrounds. Our experts have years of experience in the profession and capable of advising newcomers who are willing to join the profession.
  • We provide the one-stop solution to manage and provide assistance for the whole career ecosystem of doctors and lawyers. We advise candidates from the time they want to get admission in the school to practice as lawyers and doctors. We offer useful and practical advice throughout the whole career cycle.
  • We offer online coaching classes so that you don’t need to come in person to attend the class

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