Bearing Academy – One Stop Solution Help You to Build Your Career in the Medical and Legal Field


Bearing Academy is an expert online-based educational, career and life advisory institution. It has been founded by an Oxford & INSEAD educated lawyer and a University of Toronto educated doctor/medical professional who also belong to medical education. They have extensive years of experience in the field of their perspective professions. They are dedicated and passionate to mentor and empower the professionals of the next generation. 

At Bearing Academy, we are aiming to help the candidates by giving insight into the legal and medical profession. We closely work with our candidates and assist them in the professional world of medical and legal fields. We provide them pre-law school advisory and pre-medical school advisory services to make the admission process easy and convenient for them.

Bearing Academy also helps the candidates during their professional journey by offering them ongoing career advice and mentorship. Our experts will track their career development and support by providing continuous professional career advice, support and mentoring when they step into their exciting career journey in life and contribute to society.

What you should know about the Legal Profession?

If you want to build your career as a lawyer then you should ask some question to yourself. Do you know all about the legal profession? Do you think the legal profession is like a lawyer you see on the TV? But this is all completely different from reality. You should know that:-

  • Lawyers need specialization in trials which are also called “litigation. It is a small sub-sector of law
  • Most of the practicing lawyers are not included in court-related legal work
  • In Canada, a lawyer is a solicitor & barrister
  • In the US, a lawyer is an attorney
  • Young lawyer under the English legal system need to choose what they want to become a solicitor or barrister
  • Apart from specialization in the profession, law firms are also divided into different types and sizes. The large firms are divided into various practice groups and departments where small high street firms are categorized for general practices.
  • You have lots of choices in career paths and area of law in which you can practice in

What you should know about the medical profession?


The medical profession is a respectful occupation which is dedicated to protect, promote and restore the good health of the patient. It includes identifying, treating and diagnosing illness by using a scientific approach based on evidence and specialized knowledge. Take care of the patient is the first concern that needs to be focused on this profession. If you want to build your profession as a doctor then you need to complete your degree in medicine. You also need to complete training after graduation to practice medicine. Being a doctor, you are eligible to work in a hospital, community, etc. as a surgeon, family physicians, paediatricians or family doctor. You can also work in any university as a researcher or professor.

Medicine is a hardworking professional and gives you a rewarding career. When you are young it is difficult to choose the right career path. But if you are planning to enter into medical profession then you should speak the doctor or professional consultants to get the right assistance.

At Bearing Academy we can help you in achieving your dream goal by offering Pre Law School Advisory and Pre Medical School Advisory. From your school admission to the professional journey, we will assist you to make your successful career.

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