Beneficial Tips to Get Prepared For Law/ Medical School Interview


When it comes to law/ medical school admission, an interview is one of the important parts where candidate need to show their best to get selected. During the interview, admission officer is mainly trying to identify the maturity, empathy and excellent interpersonal skills of the candidate. They are already aware of your academic records and other credentials so in the interview, they want to know about you.

The format of the interview is different from college to college. In some law /medical schools they take one-one-one interviews and others interviewed by the panel. It doesn’t matter what is the format of the interview, but you should be confident for it. Here we are sharing some tips that help you with your law/ medical school interview preparation.

  1. Be Ready For It

You don’t know the questions which will be asked in the interview but you should be ready to get a discussion on the topics related to you like:-

  • Your academic background
  • Participation in leisure and extracurricular activities
  • Point of view on law/medical stream and related ethical issues
  • Why you want to become a lawyer/doctor
  • Research experience       

2. Give time to yourself

There are many schools which will mainly judge how the candidate will function under stress. This is a reason they will put you in an uncomfortable situation and see your reaction how will you speak and react at that moment. They can ask you questions on controversial and sensitive topics, etc. and show disapproval in almost everything you say.

You should stay calm and relax in such a situation. Interviewers do not expect that you have an answer for their every question but they want you will give considered responses for it. If don’t understand any question then ask them to clarify it.  Take time to make sure that your answer should be well-conceived and show the characteristics of a good lawyer /doctor.

 3. Ask questions

Take the interview as a conversation one, not like Q&A. You already know about the school so don’t ask those questions which you can be answered form their websites or brochures. Take it as an opportunity and ask them about the faculty, access to internship, research opportunities, etc.  

4. Make your good first impression

There are many interviews set on the line so you have to make your presence strong and confident in your round. Always reach on a team and properly dressed up that make your impressive first impression. Carry all your documentation in a file. Be positive and make eye contact during the interview. All these are small points that interviewers will observe and leave your good impression. Be alert and show your interest in the conversation.

5. After Interview

After each interview, don’t forget to send them a thank you note. It is your choice whether you want to write a letter to the individual or one to address the entire committee. If it is possible then you should write brief notes after you leave the interview such as the interviewer's name and some topics covered in the conversation.  This will leave your positive impact on the school. In case they are still not sure to admit you in the school but they will put you on the hold list. If you are on hold then you can send supplementary to improve your application.

These are a few steps that can help you in your Law/Medical School Interview Preparation. However, when you are preparing for medical or law school admission you should always take help from professional consulting services. At Bearing Academy, we are engaged in helping the candidates who want to make their career in the realm of medical and law stream. Whether you need consultancy for Medical School Interview Preparation or Law School Interview Preparation, we are here to assist you in every manner.


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