Brief Idea of Writing a Personal Statement for Your Professional School Admission


Personal Statement is also called “Personal Essay” which plays an important role in your medical or law school admission process. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself in front of the admission officers of the university. When you are writing a personal statement, make sure that you have checked the exam name of the statement you are asked to submit and read the instructions carefully. A personal statement is not only about describing your goals but it is more focused on making you a unique human being. By writing a personal statement you can impress your admission team and make it stand out from the others.

On the other hand, the statement of purpose is required when you are applying for graduate programs. It is mainly focused on your training, academic goals and research of interest in the specific field. In a statement of purpose, you are required to show your personality by writing and explaining why you plan to choose a specific career field, what you want to achieve, as well as why you want to get admission in that particular university.

How to write a Personal Statement?

To make personal statements simple, it has been divided into five paragraphs where you get a chance to address the important questions.


The Hook

You have to start with catchy sentences and introduction which will grab the reader’s attention. This is a great way to highlight your personality by writing something memorable and intriguing. After that, explain which program you want to apply and why. You have to explain why you choose this stream to a particular degree or program.

Paragraph 2


In this paragraph, you need to define your previous studies. Write it in detail about what you have studied in the past and when. Highlight all the skills you have gained along the way and how these will benefit you in your further studies for which you are applying for.

Paragraph 3


This is a section where you have to show your work experience that you have gained so far. It could be anything like a weekend job, internship, your own business, etc. Again you have to define how it will be profitable in your degree or program that you apply for. Here, you also need to explain how your work experience helped in enhancing your interest in your chosen program. 

Paragraph 4

More than the basics

This is a fun part where you can express yourself from outside your work and academic achievements. Write about your hobbies, interest, additional courses, etc. that have done along the way. Whether you are working as a part-time dance teacher, school teacher or volunteer at a local soup kitchen, this is a section where you can describe your personality in the best way. 

Paragraph 5

Towards your future

In this final paragraph, you need to be focused on your future. Write something that you plan for your future career, how you will prepare for your new degree or set up to achieve your dream goals. When you are writing a paragraph for this section make sure your content is linked to why you want to study at that particular university. 

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