Checklist to Get Admission into a Good Medical School


Getting admission to a good medical school is a dream of every aspiring student who wants to become a doctor. There is a huge competition for getting admission into medical school; therefore, you need to work hard to get yourself selected for it. Here, in this blog, we are sharing some factors that help you to get prepare for applying in medical school admission.

  • Build Your Strong Academic Record

For North American schools, GPA is very important for your medical school admission (for UK schools it is the GCSE or IB exam results) but admission committees always seek for those students who maintain the balance between their academic and other activities also. On the other hand, your GPA should also be good so that you will eligible to apply in any school and add value to your application.

  • MCAT Scores

Same as good grades, in North America, your MCAT score is always important to get your admission into a good school. The medical school admission committees will consider your MCAT scores and your good scores will boost your medical school application. You need to perform well in your MCAT exam. Medical schools consider many factors in the application and maybe they will only consider individual MCAT Scores as an important factor.

You can find variety of guides and materials that can help you to study for MCAT. It is good to give plenty of time for practicing the MCAT tests as it will help you in meeting your study goal and boost your confidence level also.

  • Extracurricular Activities

You can volunteer for any noble cause or research in the medical field which will enhance the chances to get your medical school admission. The admission committee will not count the number of extracurricular activities but they see how the activities will support and benefit you to become a doctor.  So, you need to participate in such extracurricular activities that reflect your dedication, compassion, and interest in medicine.

  • Write a personal statement that makes you stand out

A personal statement is one of the most important parts of the admission process. Although, it is the last part of the application process but you have to start it’s preparation as early as possible. This part of the admission process will directly influence the admission officer and improve your chances of getting admission. Take your time to write a personal statement that reflects your academic foundation and experience that you have contributed to the development of your character.  

  • Prepare For the Interview

Medical school admission includes a personal interview which varies from one school to another. Interviews may take place on or off-campus. Interviews can be conducted by one or multiple members of the admission committee or by off-campus interviewers like physicians/current students. The interview assessments are added to the admission file of the candidate. During the interview, the admission committee will ask you the question on different topics based on-

  • Critical thinking skills and problem-solving
  • Your Grades and test scores
  • What makes you a great fit with medical school?
  • Ethical questions and scenarios
  • Personal experiences and attributes
  • Why you want to go into Medicine?

You have to be prepared for the interview because it will decide whether you will get admission to the school or not. You should be confident during the interview and pose yourself like an asset to the school. You should be calm and polite in the interview and maintain your confidence level.  

These are useful tips that can prove beneficial to get your admission into a good medical school. However, if you are nervous or need professional help for your medical school admission process then Bearing Academy is here to help you. Bearing Academy is an expert online-based educational, career and life advisory institution where we help the candidates who want to build their careers in Medical and Law stream. We can help you by assisting in medical school interview preparation or law school interview preparation and ensure that you will get admission to your preferred college. Browse our website to get more information about our services.



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