Expert consulting services and guidance for medical school and law school preparations


Medical school and law school applicants often face rejection as either they do not apply to the right school, or do not know the right procedure to apply and prepare for admission to it. An expert advisor can help the applicants determine the right professional school for admission based on their background, interests and values, and matches the right candidate with the right professional school. The advisors ensure that the applicants meet the requirements of the professional law or medical school as they are well familiar with the admission procedure.

Even the candidates with good writing capabilities may sometimes struggle with writing essays and personal statements as they may find it hard to talk about themselves. Moreover, the application essays are tricky. The consultants help applicants meet these challenges by highlighting their strongest qualities, without sounding overconfident. The consultant will provide the admission committee with new information that cannot be found in the rest of the application components, and help convince the admission committee that the applicant deserves a spot in the professional school.

Helping with mock interviews

The consultants also help the candidates with mock interviews as part of their consulting services for law school entry preparation and medical school entry preparation, and provide personalized feedback for improvement. Many applicants do not know that little things can have an impact on their success in the interview, like they may tend to mumble the answers they are not confident about. The advisor will notice these details during the mock interview, and provide them with actionable tips for success with their interview process.

Your trusted resource to ask useful questions

A professional advisor serves as a great and trusted resource to ask as many questions about the coursework, day-to-day realities of legal and medical practices, work-life balance, professional networking, and more. When you graduate from your professional school, the consultant will also help you find connections with professional bodies and employment opportunities.

Supporting future professionals achieve their dreams

Bearing Academy is a one-stop education, career and life advisory institute which manages the career life cycle and ecosystem of legal, medical and business professionals. It has expert consultants who have experience in law, medicine, and other undergraduate programs. Bearing Academy provides its experts consultation for medical school entry preparation and law school entry preparation to support future professionals and future leaders achieve their dreams. The candidates are provided advice on how to get ready for professional school, making right plan for the application, personal statement advisory, and professional school interview preparation.

Preparing you for early professional school life

Students are usually nervous prior to entering a medical school or law school.  Bearing Academy ensures that you are well prepared to handle early professional school life with specialized consulting services for medical school entry preparation and law school entry preparation. Law and medical school entry preparation consultation is conducted by Bearing Academy’s associate consultants as they are recent graduates of the programs or current professional school students. The consultants are in a better position to relate with the candidates by sharing their experiences. Even after getting admitted to the professional law or medical school, you will be provided with ongoing advisory throughout your professional school.

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