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Legal and medical are two different professions but considered as the most respectful and rewarding profiles which come with various career opportunities. The candidates who are preparing for these professions need to work hard and go through its grueling admission process. Yes, the admission process is very complicated where candidates need assistance from professional experts who can help them during the whole process. A professional advisory will not only make the process convenient for you but also clarify your doubts and queries related to it. Whether you are preparing for law or medical entrance, they can offer you the right guidance as well as support in developing your skills.

The admission process includes various steps and writing personal statements is one of the key elements of the admission process. This statement will allow candidates to give more information about them to the admission committee. It allows them to show their writing skills and tell them about their past experiences which make them suitable for the applied course. Many students prefer to choose personal writing consultation services that make their statements stand out from other applications. Here we are sharing a few tips that help you in writing a successful personal statement:-

1.    Focus yourself

First, you need to think about your characteristics which you want to tell the admission committee. After all personal statement is all about you only. It should include your skills, strength, determination, and abilities that make you a perfect candidate for professional school admission. You need to focus on your strength and characteristics required to become a lawyer or medical professional. Like if you are applying for medical school admission then you should talk about your dedication towards helping people, the ability to make changes in society, etc. On the other hand, if you want to apply for law school then think that motivates you for this profession like helping others by developing public policy, intellectual property law, etc.

2.    Brainstorming

The personal statement enables you to think broadly and write about you so feel free and brainstorm the topics on which you would like to discuss. It includes your characteristics, educational background, etc. that define you and help the admission committee to evaluate you. The key things you can discuss in the personal statement include:-

  • Extracurricular activities- campus club, social clubs, etc.
  • Key challenges that you faced and overcome from them
  • Accomplishments – leadership positions, awards, achieved goals, etc.
  • Professional activities: - research positions, part-time or full-time jobs, etc.
  • Your hobbies or unique interests

Keep in mind that you need to put the best foot in front and show your abilities that will prove beneficial for the school you applied for. With an effective statement, you can convince the admission officer that you will become an asset to the school.

3.     Read the instructions

Before you start writing your personal statement, you should first read all the instructions like word counts, font size, etc. and follow them during the writing. The statement should be properly written without any grammar or spelling mistakes and make sure that content should not be copied. A small mistake can ruin your all efforts and directly impact your admission. 

These are a few simple tips that help you in writing a proper personal statement for your professional school admission. You can find various online consulting institutions that can provide you advisory services to get admission to legal or medical fields. But, you should always approach the trusted partner with good experience and outstanding track record in offering Professional Career Advisory for Law students and Professional Career Advisory for Medical Students like Bearing Academy.

Bearing Academy- One Stop Solution to make your dream true  

Are you one of those who are preparing for medical or law school? Or you are looking for professional advisory services for your career choice in law or medicine streams? Bearing Academy is here to help you to solve all your problems. We are a trusted online institution which have been dedicated to support and grow the next generation of professional servitude leaders. We are backed by the highly qualified team of consultants who are experienced in providing online coaching to the candidates who want to build their career in legal or medicine streams. We also monitor the career development of our candidates and support them in flourishing their career journey.

At Bearing Academy our mission is based on three pillars:-

  • Guide- We guides our candidates and helps them to choose the right direction so they can work towards their career goals and realize their potential.
  • Motivate:- We encourage, counsel and motivate the candidates to achieve their career goals
  • Excel: - we mentor the candidate to get success in their chosen career.

We put our efforts to make everyone who come to us a bright Bearing star.

So, whether you are seeking Professional Career Advisory for Law students or Professional Career Advisory for Medical Students, we warmly welcome you to our services. We will continue to guide our candidate even after getting the admission so that they can easily surmount the challenges that generally faced by students during their school journey.  In this way, we try to maintain the balance between their education and career.


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