Get Professional Career Mentoring Consultation for Your Bright Future


When it comes to career planning you generally take advice from your friends, family, or even your institution without considering any professional advice and support. But, do you think this is the right process? In absence of professional guidance, you may choose the career without exploring the other option which is truly right for you.

Whether you are a student with minimum work experience or an established professional, you may be in the current position where you are confused about career options or looking for a change. In this situation, hiring a professional Career Mentoring Consultation service prove beneficial for you.

Career counseling is the process which helps an individual to understand themselves in a better way by making an informed decision about their career. There are different options available like in person or online to obtain career guidance and support. Like At Bearing Academy, we provide online Career Mentoring Consultation services to professionals who are in medical, legal professions, or business administration, or working in other profiles. 

Career counseling can bring various benefits for the individual:-

  • Clear your career goals

Career development is a lifelong process and ideal for everyone. Whether you are a school student who is planning for the future or an experienced professional looking for job change, career consultant allows you to clear your confusion regarding your career goals through a range of discussions and assessments. It includes some key questions like;-

  1. What are your work preferences, values, and interests?
  2. What type of relationship you have with a manager, leader, and organizer?
  3. How do you overcome challenges?
  4. What type of challenges did you face while learning?

Career counseling plays a vital role in choosing the right career and allows you to know the opportunity and understand yourself and the world of work. This will help you to know informed and meaningful career decisions.

  • Help to understand career options

When you are seeking professional career guidance, you can discuss the career of your choice. They will help you to understand what factors will influence your career development such as your personality, interest, values, and background. In this way, you will get a clear view of what education or training you should get to achieve your career goals. Your career consultants will help you to understand your career interest profession and also support you in locating the right information for it. You can discuss strategies with them that help you in finding the employers who offer your internship or jobs in your area of interest.

  • Support from an objective guide

 A career counselor provides unbiased insights, expertise, and advice that allow you to figure out what you want from your career. You can comfortably discuss your career with consultants without any limitation. This means you can talk about your concerns and ideas regarding your career so that consultant can understand them and give you the right advice.

  • Determine your strength and weakness

Career counseling gives you the best option to determine your strengths and weaknesses. They will give you assessments to perform a series of tests including IQ tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, etc. so that you will discover your strength and weakness. It will help you in choosing the right career option based on your abilities. 

  • Enable to learn key skills

When it comes to applying for a job or attending an interview, you will need to learn some skills that make you stand out. The career counselor will help you in learning those skills. They will take mock job interviews where you can practice answering a variety of questions. Also, they give you feedback on how to improve your communication skills and answer the questions.

These are some benefits you can avail of by hiring a Professional mentoring consultant’s services. If you are also looking for career mentoring services then Bearing Academy experts are here to help you. We are engaged in offering career consulting services for those who want to build their career in the legal, medical, or administration profession or need senior guidance to grow in their field. You browse our website to check our different consulting services and get the right one as per your need.



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