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Generally speaking, consultants are former members of the business school admission office or MBA graduates. They have extensive experience in the field and know what business schools are mainly looking for in their applicants and how to study to get admission to particular schools. International students, who want to study in other countries and have less familiarity with the procedure and application process so they choose the MBA admission consultation service.

 The consultant will support the candidate and boost their confidence to get admission in their choice of college. They can help the candidate with technical aspects of application requirements like MBA program essay, personal statement, CV as well as to conduct mock interviews to prepare them for the final round. Getting help from an MBA consulting service is the best way to prepare you for facing the business school admission team. At Bearing Academy we provide a complete package for MBA Program Application Consultation services that focus on the whole process of targeting multiple schools from school selection to admittance.

MBA consultation package provided at Bearing Academy

Bearing Academy is one of the trusted names that offer consultation services for those who want to get admission into MBA program to boost their field of business. Also, we provide post-MBA advisory services to those who are currently working in the business field and need guidance from the senior business leaders on career planning, personal development, and leadership. Our different MBA consulting packages include:-

General Pre and on-going MBA Advisory

Even after getting admission in the school, a student faces various challenges during their studies. In such a situation our experts assist the students in resolving their issues related to academic, social, and other aspects. We understand the mental situation of the student and support them throughout their academic programs by solving different issues.

Pre-application Program and Career Consultation

Have you decided to enroll in the MBA program to advance your business career? But, you are confused about which program will suit best with your future goals and ambition. If yes, then Bearing Academy experts can help you by offering complete information about the program and help in taking the right decision. Our experts will guide you with available career options, how you can excel in your program and leverage your career. 

They will help you understand things in a better way and boost your confidence before you start the application process. By providing better advice, we support our candidates in taking the right decision and prepare for the next step.

MBA Program Application Consultation

The MBA admission process will not only take your stamina and efforts but also take time in building your strong profile. Bearing Academy professionals will guide you during the process and improve your chances of getting selected. We give you a comprehensive review of the whole process and help you to prepare for it.

These are some MBA consulting service package provided by our experts. You can explore our website to know more about other Pre and ongoing MBA Advisory and post-MBA advisory services. Apart from this, Bearing Academy also helps those candidates who want to build their career in Medical, law, or other undergraduate courses. Browse our website to get enrolled in our medical school advisory, law school advisory, and MBA admission consultation services.


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