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 Do you know about the responsibilities of the doctor? What are the academic requirements to get admission to law or medicals school?  How to prepare a personal statement?  If you are also dreaming to make your career as a lawyer or doctor then you should know the answers to such questions.  Here in this article we are sharing a few important information these professions that help you to understand it in a better way.

About Medical Profession

The medical profession is a respectful occupation and dedicated to protecting, restoring, and the wellbeing of the people.  Qualified doctors are responsible for identifying, diagnosing, and scientifically treating the illness. And, if you want to be the part of this prestigious profession then you need to study hard from school days to get eligible for its entrance. For this, you need to complete your medical degree with training after graduation for practicing medicine.  Many students don’t have complete knowledge and they have questions like how to apply for its admission, what are academic requirements for it, what are the different scope in this field, and more. If you are also confused and facing any kind of difficulty, then get pre medical school advisory services from our Bearing Academy experts.

Life as a doctor

There is no one line to define the life of the doctor profession.  Doctors also work in different fields and each has a different lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what type of doctor you are, but your aim will be treating the patient and ensure for their complete wellbeing. 

After completing your medical qualification you can work as a doctor or surgeon in the hospital, pediatricians, family physician, or also work as a professor or researcher at any university.  You have different career options in this stream from which you choose one as per your desire. They can work in different settings including private clinics, hospitals, medical research, administration, etc. You need to put your extra effort into this profession but it will bring you a rewarding career in the future.

Many students want to enter this profession due to some common reasons and benefits like:-

•   Wants to help others in improving their quality of life

•    Want to provide treatment to ill people

•    Looking for good financial rewards

•    Develop a Good network support

•    Interested in interacting with people and solving their health problems

•    Due to high respect and prestige of this profession

Academic requirement for medical school

The academic requirement for medical school applications varies as per the country and university you are applying for. In European and Asian countries, they allow students to apply directly after high school graduation and required to complete medical training last for 6 years. On the other hand, in Canada, the US, and Central America they consider an only application from those students who have at least one undergraduate degree, and medical training time is 3 to 4 years. If you want to apply for medical school, then you need to make sure that you have met or exceed the requirements for the school you want to apply. 

A personal interview is also a part of the application process and plays a vital role in admission. Some medical schools will also take an entrance exam like MCAT in North America and UKCAT in the UK.  You must have complete information about the school where you are interested in admission and make sure you meet them. However, hiring professional pre medical school advisory services from experts can help by giving the right information for your admission.

All about the Legal Profession

To many a lawyer is a person who has specialization in trials which are also referred to as litigation. Litigation is a small sub-sector law.  Most of the practicing lawyers are not involved in court-related legal work. The young lawyers are needed to decide whether they want to build their career as a solicitor or barrister (specialized in court or advocacy work). In Canada, a lawyer is a barrister and solicitor whereas, in the US, they are reckoned as attorneys.  There are different career paths and areas of law in which you can practice to build your successful career in the legal field. If you want to get more information to get admission to law school or this profession then you can our pre legal school advisory services.

Life as a Lawyer

Being a lawyer, your life will depend on the area of practice and type of work you conduct. Lawyers can practice in different areas of law and each one is different and unique in itself.  The size of a firm or company can impact on the personal experience of the lawyer. Different companies bring different career tracks for you. If you are in this legal profession then you should be ready to work for long hours.

Many individuals are interested to become a lawyer due to its various benefits:-

  • Law school bring various opportunity to acquire skill sets that will open more career opportunities
  • Law school students have a diverse set of skills that they can apply for research business, government, etc.
  • Practicing law comes with financial reward
  • Societies considered it a prestigious profession
  • Give an opportunity to grow and develop

Academic requirement for law school admission varies according to different countries. For this, you need to grab information about the Law College and country where you want to apply for the admission. If you want to get information on academic requirements for law school admission in different countries and other details then you can contact us for our professional pre legal school advisory services.

Bearing Academy- one-stop solution to make your dream come true

Bearing Academy is an expert online-based educational career and life advisory institutions which have been dedicatedly engaged in helping the applicants who want to build their career in the medical or legal professions. We have a talented team of expert consultants who also belongs to the legal and medical professions and provide online assistance for students to build their bright career. We not only provide complete information about these professions but also assist them during the admission process and in the school also. Further we also provide them ongoing career advice during their professional journey with our mentoring services.

Whether you need professional advisory for law school or medical school, personal statement consultation, assistance for an interview, or any other assistance, Bearing Academy is here to help you.

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