How You Can Correct Your College Application Mistakes?


If you are preparing for law or medical school admission then you understand the importance of its application process. But in some cases, it happens that we will find errors in the application even after submitting it, so what you will you do in that case.  We all are human and mistakes are common with everyone. But, it could leave a negative impact on your application. In this situation instead of getting panic, you should keep yourself calm and work to get the things right again.

•    Evaluate Your Correction

You need to evaluate whether the correction is necessary or not. It is important to give priority to every mistake. If the mistake is inconsequential like you have done the typo mistake in the name of your swim club then this type of mistakes can be ignored. But if the mistake is big then you need to submit a correct version of your application form with short cover letter to tell that your corrected application be substituted for the previous one. 

•    Submit a Corrected Version of the Application

In this online submitting process, it can be tricky to submit the correct application because once you submit the application you are prohibited to change or resubmitting it again. If the college is a common application college then you can submit your correct application directly to that college with right cover letter. After the submission, you are not allowed for any updates or correction. 

•    Contact the Admission Office Directly

You can take a chance to talk with the college office directly.  But make sure that you keep your high school counselor and affected colleges both in the loop. Your counselor may help you to facilitate for the correction you need to make.

•    Correct Mistake in the Application That You Have Not Yet Submitted

If your application mistake is appearing on any component rather than essay then it can be rectified without creating a new version of the Common Application. But, if a mistake was in your essay then you are required to create an alternate version of it in the Common Application System. 

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