How to apply for trainee positions in law firms? What are the qualities and skill sets that law firms are looking for?

  • Each law firm has its own unique culture, clientele and area of practice
  • There are limited opportunities for young trainees
  • There are no limit as to how many firms to apply to
  • Before applying, candidates should do their research and network with professionals from different firms. It is advised to network with your university alumnus who are currently working in the firm
  • Through networking, one can decide which firm or practice best suits you


What are law firms looking for in their trainee lawyers:

  • Good academic record
  • Work experience, not necessarily previous legal working experience (law firms want are interested in the candidate’s personality)
  • Know about the firm, not just what is written in the first two pages of the website, but much more
  • Make no mistakes in the application
  • Confident candidates
  • Ask well researched and well thought out questions at the end of the interview

Making a good trainee application is more an art than a science. Our consultants have plenty of experience in recruitment and will be happy to share more ideas and experience with candidates.

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