How to prepare for Personal Statement in Law School Application

  • The approach for writing personal statement for UK and US law school applications are different
  • In the UK, the admission committee focuses more on academics and explaining why the candidate is a good fit for law
  • In the US, it is important to focus more on the individual reflection than academic

Tips for the UK

  • Law Schools uses the Personal Statement to identify the right candidates
  • Law school is very competitive, a good personal statement may be the determining factor for admission 
  • There is no perfect recipes on how to write a stellar personal statement, but here are some key points:
  • Do your research before writing it;
  • Go through several drafts before submitting the final version;
  • Personalize your own experience;
  • Do not plagiarize;
  • Explain why the program interests you;
  • Give reasons why the program is right fit;
  • Explain your extracurricular activities;
  • Reflect on your experiences;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking; and
  • Indicate long-term academic and career plan (if possible)

Tips for the US

  • Law degree in the US is a professional degree
  • Most law schools allow candidates to choose a topic to write about
  • Key points to be noted:
  • Choose a narrow topic;
  • Provides honest an opinion on the subject matter
  • Attract the reader’s attention
  • Keep your story interesting; and
  • Proofread your personal statement

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