Joining Bearing

If you are interested in guiding the next generation of legal and medical professionals or providing mentorships to practicing lawyers and doctors and grow with them by providing education, career and life advisory support, you should come to talk to us and join the Bearing family.


We are looking for enthusiastic lawyers and doctors in different stages of their professional careers (from current law and medical students who would be able to share their current professional school experience to senior lawyers and doctors who can share their war stories in the field and mentor others) to get involved and be part of Bearing.


Most of our Consultants and Associate Consultants are working with us on a part-time basis (as we provide on line advisory with consultants in different parts of the world) so you will be able to continue your professional career and at the same time be involved in this meaningful experience helping and sharing with other fellow professionals in the same field.


As part of Bearing’s founding philosophy we strongly believe education will change the world and make it a better place for all of us! Bearing will donate school days under the Better Education, Better Futures program in sponsoring with an education charity, Room to Read, to support girls’ education in developing countries (for more details see Giving Back) which provide education to those who may otherwise lack the financial resources to be able to get an education. You will also be able to support other education charities by participating in Bearing Foundation (a separate account we set up to support other education charities). If you are interested in this meaningful effort you can join us and be part of it and help others building a better world and future for our next generation!


Please get in touch by sending us your CV now and we will tell you more about this exciting opportunity and becoming part of our professional family.



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