Law school Interview preparation tips to improve your admission chances


Law school admission is a very rigorous process and meeting with the admission officer for an interview is one of the parts of it. Law schools also ensure that they accept only those students who have the potential to become a great lawyer. In this article, we are sharing a few tips that can help in your law school interview preparation.

What is a law school Interview?

A law school interview is part of the application process in which admission officers meet with the candidate to discuss things like applicant background, qualifications, and experiences. It allows the admission committee to understand you as a better applicant and determine your personality to go into the law profession. During the law school interview, you need to prove that you have the ability and skills to attend their school.

Topics that cover in the law school interview

In the law school interview, the admission officer mainly wants to check your personality and confidence level. Here are some topics from which the admission office may ask you questions during the interview.

  • Personal questions
  • Your knowledge about their law school
  • Resume and college transcript
  • Legal reasoning and thinking skills
  • Current events

How you can prepare for a law school interview?

Interview preparation will help you to stay confident in front of the admission officers which they want to see in applicants. They mostly prefer applicants who are personable and conversational instead of those who are overly formal.

Tips that help in your law school interview preparation are as follow:-

  • Know more about school

You need to research well about the law school. You can check their website promotional material and social media account from where you collect maximum information about the school.

You should tell the admission officer why you want to join their school and use your researched information to make a thoughtful answer.

  • Practice how to answer the common questions

Most of the schools ask similar questions to the applicants related to their backgrounds, reasons for choosing a law school, their interest in law studies, etc. to test their thinking skills. You should be prepared with your answers in advance that help you during the interview.

Prepare questions you should ask

After completing the interview, the interview will give you an opportunity to ask them some questions. You should be ready with questions that show that you care for this opportunity. Ask only those questions which answers you can’t get on their website or from other references.  For example, you can ask:-

  • What type of academic support students receive in the school?
  • What is the job outlook for students in their school?
  • Are professors are easy to contact?


  • Practice speaking and body language

You should practice speaking clearly and confidently in front of the mirror. It is also good if you practice sitting up straight and make eye contact with those who are talking with you. You should also learn how to do a firm handshake and make you look confident and friendly.

  • Practice for a mock interview

You do a mock interview with your friend that helps in developing your confidence level. Practice will make you feel relaxed when you finally sit in front of the admission officers. When your friend asks any question you should answer it in the best way. After completing a mock interview, ask your friend where you need to improve and practice for it again and again.

  • Print a copy of your resume

Admission officer already has your application but keeping your resume copy with you in a professional-looking folder shows that you are prepared for the interview. If you need to wait for the interview then you can read your resume copy and think on different talking points.

  • Follow up

After completing your final interview, handshake with the interviewers and thank them for their time. Next day, send them a hand-written letter or email for thanking them to take your interview. Also, you can tell them they can reach out to you if they want any additional information. Close your letter with thanks and looking forward to hearing from them and sign your name.

These are a few tips that can help you to get prepare for your law school interview and improve your chances of getting admission. But if you are still confused and need professional assistance from experts then Bearing Academy is here to help you. We are one of the trusted online institutions that provide professional consulting services for law and medical school admission. If you are interested to build your career in these two professions then you can avail of our services and improve your chances to get admission to your choice of school. Whether you need assistance for Law School Interview Preparation or medical school interview preparation, personal writing consultation, or professional advisory services, Bearing Academy is here to help you.

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