MBA program admission and personal essay consultation services that highlight the right skills and activities for admission


The importance of professional essay (PE) consultation cannot be overstressed for MBA program application. It is a crucial part of the application process for all graduate programs in business schools. The candidate is evaluated by the admission committee based on the PE they submit. The PE portion of the application is heavily weighed. An adequate, generic and unconvincing PE could result in the admission not being offered, despite the candidate having stellar academic experience and work experience. Due to stiff completion to the MBA program in reputed business schools, PE could be a determining factor in whether an applicant receives admission to the MBA program.

Personal essay conveys the first impression of the candidate to the admission officers. Beyond helping the candidates in getting a coveted position in the program, MBA program application consultation by a specialized agency, such as Bearing Academy, helps the candidates with clarity in thinking to write succinct yet aspirational PE. Personal essay consultation by the Bearing Academy is tailor-made to provide professional advice and training to candidates to hone their PE writing skills. Personal essay consultation by the Bearing Academy casts the best light on the candidate, and covers critical points that all admission officers of the MBA program seek out in the applicants and their personal essays.

Helping candidates prepare personal essays

MBA program application consultation by the experts of Bearing Academy includes up to six online sessions of up to 40 minutes duration each. The consulting sessions are provided over a period of four-months so that the candidate is able to work on the guidance provided to them. Email communication with the team is included for MBA program application consultation and personal essays consultation. The objective of the personal essay consultations is to help the candidates prepare their personal essays for MBA program admission.

One-on-one consultation by experts

Bearing Academy’s consultants offering personal essays consultation work one-on-one with the applicants to provide them with the right advice to write persuasive persona essays. They will not write the PE for the applicants but definitely help them create the most persuasive PE to secure their admission to the MBA program. The consultants will highlight the skills sets of the candidates through MBA program application consultation that will seek the attention of the Admission Officers so that the applicant is admitted into the MBA course.

Maximizing the applicant’s chances of admission

MBA program application consultation by Bearing Academy guides the candidates throughout the MBA program admission process to maximize their chances of admission. A comprehensive review of the admission process is provided to the candidates, and the applicants are provided with the right tips that leave a good impression on the admission officers, and provide a unique advantage to the applicants. The experts evaluate the candidate’s academic potential, technical & soft skills, and career background. The team providing MBA program consultation will then provide the candidate with a considered opinion on their prospects of admission to the MBA program.

Approach early to increase chances of admission

Bearing Academy’s consultants also recommend suitable business activities and qualifications, and appropriate skills and networking opportunities to the candidates so that these can be included in the application to bolster the chances of admission. The candidate should approach Bearing Academy early for MBA program application consultation, and personal essays consultation, say up to 1 to 2 years prior, so that they can be helped with building up their extra-curricular portfolio. The candidates should not wait till the time they actually apply for MBA admission.




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