Pre and Ongoing MBA Advisory and Application Consultation for the Right Technical and Procedural Guidance


International students, who are not familiar with MBA admission process, can benefit from pre and ongoing MBA advisory services by expert and experienced consultants. By availing advisory services, the students will not only get all the needed information, resources and support but also gain the confidence to succeed with their application process to the top program. Like, pre and ongoing MBA advisory services will help students with the technical aspects of the written requirements, and also with the best way to present their credentials, skills and talent in the best way before the business school’s admission committee.

Bearing Academy’s consultants offer pre and ongoing MBA advisory services to students who want to get admission into the MBA program, and step ahead with their study and career goals. Their services extend to those also who are currently working in the business field, and seek advice from senior business professionals on career planning, leadership and personal development.

The importance of Personal Essay cannot be underestimated for admission into the MBA program. Personal Essay conveys the first impression of the candidate to the admission committee. It takes exceptional communication skills and clarity in thinking to write a succinct Personal Essay. Through MBA Personal Essay Consultation, Bearing Academy provides tailor-made advice to the candidates to write a Personal Essay that conveys the right message about their abilities to the admission officers. This way, the candidate will be able to cover all the critical points for consideration by the admission committee that will help in their MBA admission success.

Maximizing the chances of admission success

Getting into the top MBA program can be a demanding process. Not only it takes stamina, effort and discipline throughout the process, but it may also require a long lead time to build a strong career. Bearing Academy’s MBA program application consultation will guide you through the process to maximize your chances of admission to your chosen college for MBA program. The consultants providing the candidates with MBA program application consultation provide a comprehensive review of the application process, and what ticks in the eyes of the admission officers.

Working one-on-one with candidates

Bearing Academy’s consultants work one-on-one with the students for MBA program application consultation over a span of four months to help the students select the right programs suitable for their careers. The candidates are evaluated based on their academic potential, technical & soft skills, and career background. The consultants will also recommend suitable business activities and qualifications, and appropriate skills through pre and ongoing MBA advisory so that these can be included in their application to increase their chances of admission success.

Four sessions of 45 minutes duration each

The objective of MBA program application consultation is to assist candidates to select the right program which is suitable for their career aspirations, and guide them through all steps of their MBA program application consultation. The consultation is provided over four sessions of 45 minutes duration each. In the first session, the candidate is evaluated on their academic, technical & soft skills. Based on the first session, the next steps to be undertaken by the candidates are recommended. In the third session of the MBA program application consultation, the consultants work with the candidates to develop an action plan to meet their individual needs. In the last and fourth session, the candidate will discuss any issues pertaining to the action plans or other questions related to the MBA program.

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