Professional School Application Consultation

Item No.: Consultation B

Category: Pre and on-going Law and Medical School Advisory

USD $5000.00

Are you planning to make your career in the Law or Medical profession? If yes, then we can help you in cruising through the application process and devise the right plan of action for your bright future. Being the trusted professional school application consultation services provider, we will provide you comprehensive overview of the law and medical fields. At Bearing Academy, we are backed by the expert team of consultants who have over two decades of experience in the legal and medical fields, and are capable of clearing all your doubts by offering their professional help as and when you need it. With our expert Medical School Admission Consulting and Law School Admission Consulting, we help our clients in achieving their dream and work for their bright future. Call us today to get professional school application consultation from our top experts.

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Ideal candidate: High School Applicants & University Student

Our expert consultants will work with students one-on-one over a span of four months to help students select the right programs suitable for their career.  We will evaluate the candidate’s academic potential, technical & soft skills and background. The team will then provide a considered opinion on the candidate’s prospect of admission to the preferred professional school(s).  Our consultant will recommend suitable extra-curricular activities and appropriate skills and internship program to candidates so that these can be included in the application to bolster the chances of gaining admission.  Once again, we would like to emphasize that candidates should come to us early and not wait until the time you apply to professional schools as candidates may need longer time (up to 2 – 3 years prior) to build up the extra-curricular portfolio.

The objective is to assist candidates to select the right schools and programs suitable for their career aspiration.

Session 1: Evaluation (45 Minutes)
The consultant will work one on one to evaluate each candidate’s academic performance, technical & soft skills and individual background. The candidate should submit his academic record and personal portfolio to the consultant prior to the session.

Session 2: Recommendation (45 Minutes)
Based on the evaluation from session 1, the consultant will recommend suitable next steps to take.

Session 3 Action Plan (45 Minutes)
The consultant will work with the candidate to develop an action plan to meet individual needs.
**Note:  Sessions 2 and 3 may be combined into one session if all objectives have been achieved in a lesser amount of time.

Session 4 Implementation (Up to 45 Minutes)
The candidate will discuss any issues pertaining action plan or other questions in regards to the profession. This session should occur once the candidate has fully reflected on the previous session.

Final outcome:
The final outcome is to help guide candidates through the rigorous application process.



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