Requirements to become a lawyer (Australia)



  • The system is similar to the British system
  • Each state or territory have its own admission criteria; it is important to refer to the admission criteria specified by each state and territory
  • A bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B) is required to practice law. For those who studied another subject area other than law, a JD degree is required.    
  • Each state or territory has a Legal Admissions Board. These boards have approved Practical Legal Training (‘PLT”) courses , and certify Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
  • To obtain a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice is obtained once the candidate has completed supervised legal practice up to 80 days
  • After completion of 18 to 24 months of supervised practice, then candidates can apply to the Law Society for a Practicing Certificate
  • Once the candidates qualify as a solicitor, they can further their education to become a barrister
  • Must gain entry to the Bar Readers’ Course by taking the Bar Exam and then pass the course


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