Some common questions for medical school interview that you should know


So, finally, you reached the medical school interview round! It means you are now one step closer to reaching your dream goal of becoming a doctor, congratulations. The interview is a big step of the admission process and you should be well-prepared for this big day. This is a time when you get a chance to show the interviewers that you have the capabilities to become a great medical practitioner. At Bearing Academy, we are dedicatedly engaged to help the applicants who want to build their career in the medical profession. We also provide medical school interview preparation consulting services so that our applicants can confidently stand during interview time to get success.

Don’t think that all medical school interviews are similar. You could have to face the panel interview where numbers of interviewers will take your interview or an open interview where the interviewer can ask you anything which they want to know. They can put stress on you with their questions to check how you react under pressure or a behaviour interview they can ask you questions regarding your past behaviour in specific situations.

It doesn’t matter what type of interview you attend but your interviewers could be professional staff members, practicing physicians, faculty members or current medical students. You just need to prepare with questions that can be asked in the interviews. You need to get yourself prepared not only for common questions but those unexpected questions that interviewers can ask to judge you.

Here in this blog, we are sharing a few questions that generally asked during medical school interview:-

Questions related to your education  

  • Why you choose your undergraduate major?
  • Tell something about your undergraduate research experience?
  • How do you think to use your medical education?
  • How your volunteer opportunities or extracurricular experiences prepared you for your professional responsibilities?

Questions about Your Character and Personality

  • Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?
  • As a pre-med, what skills you have learned to manage your time and release stress?
  • What you would like to do for fun?
  • What is a success for you? Where do you see yourself after 20 years as a physician?
  • What qualities you look in a physician?
  • What experiences you had while working with sick people?

Medicine-Related Questions

  • What attracted you to medicine in general?
  • What do you know about the nation’s healthcare system?
  • What are the most pressing health issues according to you and why?
  • What do you think about the current trends of our nation’s healthcare system?

Questions about Ethics

  • Do you have any idea about current controversies in the area of medical ethics?
  • Share your experience to deal with the terminally ill patient as opposed to other patients?
  • What do you think about how to treat a patient who has tested positive for HIV?
  • What your opinion about euthanasia or medically assisted suicide?

These are some questions that can be asked by the interviewer during your medical school interview. If you want to get success in your interview then you should be well prepared for it. You can get expert advisory for Medical School Interview Preparation from our experts who have extensive years of experience in this industry. Bearing Academy is a trusted name for providing excellent Medical School Entry Preparation consulting for those who are interested in building their career in the medical profession.


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