Things you should prepare before applying for medical school admission


Whether you are applying for medical school, taking a gap year, or start to make your career in medicine, you should keep some important considerations in your mind.  Getting admission to medical school, is not an easy task. The applicant needs to be well prepared to ensure admission to the desired medical school. 
Let’s have a look at key consideration that every applicant should follow:-
•    Keep in touch with your advisor
You should schedule an appointment with your advisor and develop a plan to know where you want to apply to and get detailed information about the admission process for the medical school you are applying. Ask them about the courses required for school and other necessary information. The advisor will also help you in gaining relevant medical-related experiences, internships, and lab experience. 
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•    Attend medical/career professional fairs
This will help you to learn about different schools, programs, and admission requirements at one event. It is difficult to visit every school where you are planning to apply but by participating in a career fair you can narrow down your selection and choose the best school.
•    Talk with on-campus resources and mentors
It is good to build your connections with mentors in different academic departments to get guidance on the application process. This will also benefit you to reach out to the colleagues for a volunteer, lab, or shadowing opportunities and their perspective on applying for medical school. The campus may also have a career consulting centre from where you can get a guidebook and web resource apart from an advisor. You should become a regular visitor to such offices. 
•    Attend activity and responsibility in clubs
When the admission committee checks your experience, they consider your participation in kinds of clubs and activities. They would like to see you in different areas to check the activity level and responsibility. It is not necessary that you should be the president of every club but you should participate in a leadership role, planning event, or help in shaping the club with your abilities. 
•    Prepare for MCAT
All medical schools in the USA and Canada give preference to high MCAT scores for admission. Your advisor can tell when it's the best time for you to take the exam.  However, you should take it only when you are ready for it. You can get help from test prep materials for preparation. If you take the exam but not happy with your scores, then talk to your advisor to work on your problem and decide when it would be good to retake.
•    Get a letter of recommendation
Talk to your advisor or professors who can write a recommendation on your behalf. It is important if a letter is required to address any extenuating circumstances that can impact your grades or provide perspective on certain situations you have encountered. 
•    Get familiarize with AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service)
It is a centralized medical school application processing services. Doesn’t matter how many medical schools you want to apply to, AMCAS allows you to submit your online application to all the schools you have selected. This application is not easy that you can complete in one sitting. It includes a personal statement and other important things; therefore, you should first get familiar with it. Your professional advisory can help you to understand what actually involved in it, how you can organize, and when it’s time to get started. 
•    Relax
Don’t overstress yourself. Visit your family and friend, take time for your hobbies after attending your school. Use some time to get relax and energize yourself.
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