Time Management Tips for Medical School Students


Medical school study is very tough especially when you have to cover consider the amount of material in a few short years. And, when you are putting your effort to keep up with your studies, it becomes stressful because you juggle with different activities and deadlines which will impact on your mental and physical health. So, when you are in medical school, you have to learn the skills to manage time that will help in maintaining your academic performance and life outside school. 

Here we are listing some useful strategies that work well in building strong time management skills in your medical school duration.  

· Set your daily and weekly schedule

Create a schedule for all your tasks and organized them in a planned way. Time is an asset when you are in medical school. By planning your daily and weekly tasks you can accomplish the work on time and also get free time for your personal hobbies and interest. Use your notebook or diary as your planner or you can also download the app on your phone or computer for your task planner. Write down all important tasks including meetings, appointments, timetables, schedule gym sessions, movies, homework, etc.

· Make a habit of consistency

In college days, you are packed with a lot of activities where you have to stick with a routine to accomplish all the tasks. It is good if you stay consistent with your routine because it makes your body settle down with rhythm for walking, sleeping, eating, etc. at the same time daily. This way, it becomes easy for you to focus and stick with your planned schedule. This routine system is important especially with your sleep schedules before the examination because a lack of sleep or rest in the night will affect your energy, focus, and efficiency. Be honest with your sleeping time every night that keeps you energetic and focused on your studies. 

· Give importance to scheduled study blocks

Allocate a fixed sloth for your studies and manage each subject by scheduling time. When you set the regular block for your study, it will help you to spend enough time on the studies every day. You can’t be a perfectionist, because it is impossible to memorize every piece of information during medical school. You have to study hard and keep your every subject or concept clear by allocating the study time accordingly. 

· Stay away from distractions

While you are studying keep your phone in silent mode. And, if you are using a computer or laptop then sign out your social media accounts. This will help in maintaining your focus on the studies otherwise you will keep tempting to check each message, email or update you receive and distract your concentration. If you keep all these distractions aside before you start then you will able to focus on your study and efficiently accomplish it. 

· Take time off 

You can’t study all day and night without losing your mind. You need to deal with your stress and the constant pressure of medical school and need a break for it. Add a daily dose of exercise in your routine like jogging, brisk walk that keeps your mind and body going. If you have any hobby or passion then give some time to it outside the college. 

Effective time management is highly important for medical students who want to excel in their medical school studies. But for this, you need practice and plan all the tasks that keep you focused and away from the stress. 

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