Tips for a law school interview

  • Law schools will only grant interviews to those who have met their minimum admission requirements
  • Law schools use interviews to get to know the candidates


Candidates should use this opportunity to demonstrate to the admission committee that they have the temperament and mental strength

In a typical interview, encompasses following areas:


  • What is your motivation to enter law school?
  • What is your knowledge of the field?
  • What is your personality?
  • Are you a well-rounded person?
  • Do you have the traits to be a good law student?


In responding to the interviewer candidates should:


  • Give short and informative answer (not yes or no only answers)
  • Be confident
  • If you are asked a tough question, take a deep breath and calm down. Try not to sound defensive.
  • Ask well prepared questions toward the end of the interview
  • Write a thank you note/ email to your interviewers after the interview, this is your last chance to form a good impression and present your case

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