Tips on how to manage your finance during your study

For many students going to university, this is the first time they will be living away from home. For many students, this will be their opportunity to manage their own finances
Here are some tips on how to manage your finance in college:


  • Loans is one of the common ways, in which students fund their education
  • It is important to stick with a monthly budget.
  • Make a realistic budget that includes living expenses, tuition, groceries, and entertainment costs.
  • For living expenses, there are several components:  food, phone costs, internet, utilities, travel, insurance, study materials and entertainment etc.
  • You can reduce your spending on housing by sharing housing costs with other students
  • It is important to track what you spend on food. Do a weekly meal preparation and cook at home to help save money.
  • It is important to track your spending on a phone application or document.

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