Useful Tips to Nail Your Law School Admission Interview


Have you scored a law school admission interview for one of the schools that sit on top of your list?  Congratulation!  And you can't miss this chance to fix your seat in your preferred school. In this article, we are sharing a few tips that how you can nail your law school interview.

  1.  Be Prepared

Keep in mind it’s not like a job interview so prepare for it accordingly.

•    First, you should search for some common interview questions asked during the law school admission interview and work on it by preparing possible answers.

•    While keeping common questions in your mind relate your experiences and qualities that you bring up and how you can discuss them in the interview. But, it doesn’t mean that you give a scripted answer in the interview. The preparation will give a good idea of where you are going with your answer.

2.   Obtain information about Law School

Apart from knowing you as a person, the interviewer would also like to know why you are interested in their law school. General questions answers will not make any strong impression on the interviewer to find your interest in the school. You need to research and keep some unique points about the school in front of the interviewers.  Like famous professors in the school or classes, etc. You need to put little effort to obtain such information, but it will stand you apart from the others.

3. Evade clichés and Unwarranted Flattery

Don’t try to mask your strength as weaknesses or give unnecessary flattery answers. It can risk the interviewer will ignore your responses thinking that you have an unrealistic perception about yourself. You should be realistic and tell them the truth. You should be realistic and answer by relating them with your experience and reality.

4    Show your experiences

Pick some real examples from your life. You can simply say that you pride yourself on being a leader. With your statement, you can add a specific example, how you spearheaded the creation of new student organizations in the college. What you say be confident with it and show that you can give something to the college.

5.    Be ready with some questions

An interviewer will give you a chance to ask questions during the interview. You should be well-prepared with questions related to the insight of school specifications. Don’t ask common questions that you can get answered on the school website.

6.    Know your interviewers

All interviews are not the same! You should understand which type of interview you are headed and prepare according to it. Some interviews are conducted through skype and others are recorded. The interview could also be conducted through one-on-one or in a group of interviewers with admission committee members or alumni.

These simple tips can help you in your Law School Interview Preparation and improve your chances to get admission. If you are facing any issues or need any assistance for navigating the application and interview process then you can approach the professional law school admission consulting services.






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