What law school admission committee looks in your application essay?


There various things that play a vital in your law school admission process. The admission committee of the law school checks your application that includes LSAT scores (for US/Canadian law schools), personal statement, and recommendation. By checking this they evaluate the candidate whether they can succeed at this school and have the qualities of becoming a good lawyer.

However, admission committee officers pay attention to your essay and focus on the objective and subjective analysis of it. For example, your essay tells them about the candidate personality, character, and a real human being.

Here we are sharing three important things that you admission committee look in your essay:-

  • Writing/communication skills

If you want to become a lawyer, then you are expected to have outstanding communication skills. The admission essay gives a perfect platform to show your skills. This will show your ability to present the ideas in a skillful way which is essential for a successful legal profession and good writing indicates your communication skills. It is expected that candidate will write a meaningful essay without any typo or grammatical mistakes otherwise it may cost you your place in a law school. The beautifully written essay will leave a positive impact on the admission officer and increase your chances of getting selected. Actually, the admission officer will judge your essay to know your command of the English language.

  • Motivation

The admission committee actually needs answers from your essay. Like why you want to join this college? What you choose a law career? Why do you think you will become a good lawyer? In short, they are looking for your motivation to get into law school. You need to make your essay meaningful and show your motivation and willingness for choosing this career. The law school really wants to know why you want to be a lawyer. You need to prove to them that you are the right candidate for their school and worked hard to reach this stage and continue doing this to achieve your dream goal. This will show that you are committed and motivated for your law school admission.

  • A real you

As we said, admission committee members are looking for your real character and personality in the essay. They should feel that they are reading a statement of a real and live human being. They have never seen you and haven’t ever spoken to you. Your essay is the only thing that helps them to know about your personality and the real you. Thus, your personal statement is the window of your character and personality. Be yourself when you write your personal statement and show the real you. Try to make your statement interactive that speaks to them, connects them, and make interesting.

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