Why professional school application consultation can improve your chances of getting admission into a law school


Getting into a professional school like, a law school, or a medical school, can be challenging. You may think that you have prepared well and would be able to do it all on your own, but there could be last-minute glitches that you may not have perceived, and your prospects of getting admission to the professional school can be spoiled. Getting professional advice from the experts, such as those provided by the experienced and qualified consultants at the Bearing Academy can help you in increasing your chances of success.

With their professional school application consultation, experts at Bearing Academy, who have over two decades of experience in the legal and medical fields, assist applicants at each step of the professional school application process. Consultants will begin by evaluating the candidate’s academic, technical and soft skills. The team will then provide a considered opinion on their prospects of getting admission into law school and may recommend extra-curricular activities and appropriate skills to improve their chances of admission success.

Consultation in four sessions of 45 minutes each 

Professional school application consultation is suitable for the candidates who need assistance in selecting the right professional school to meet their career aspirations. The consultation is provided in four sessions of 45 minutes each. In the first session, the consultants work one-on-one to evaluate the academic performance of the applicants, their technical & soft skills, and also their individual background. The second session is conducted to provide suitable recommendations to the applicants, and steps to be taken. In the third session for professional school application consultation, an action plan is developed to meet the individual needs of the applicants. In the last 45 minutes consultation session, the candidates can discuss any issues pertaining to the action plan or other questions with regard to their profession. The last Implementation session should occur once the candidate has fully reflected on the previous session.

Personal Statement (PS) is a crucial part of the professional school application process. PS portion of the application is heavily weighed. Bearing Academy also provides consultation for Personal Statement for Professional School that includes six online sessions and up to 40 minutes each time over a period of four months.

Pre law school career suitability consultation

Pre law school career suitability consultation is provided by the Bearing Academy to high school applicants and university students to introduce various features of the profession to them. The consultants assess the candidate’s suitability and interest in the profession. So, candidates should come two to three years prior to taking pre law school career suitability consultation to confirm their interest in the profession, so that they have adequate time to prepare for the professional school application.

Get a comprehensive overview of a career in law 

Pre law school career suitability consultation is provided with a goal to give a comprehensive overview of a career in the law. The consulting is provided in three sessions of 45 minutes each. In the first 45 minutes session, known as Introduction to Law Profession, the candidates are provided insights into their work culture, career prospects, and prospective hidden drawbacks of the profession. In the second 45 minutes session, known as Candidate Assessment, the consultants evaluate the candidate’s individual traits, motivations & qualifications, and provide them with constructive feedback. The third 30 minutes session is Questions & Answers session wherein the candidates can ask questions and raise concerns regarding the profession.


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