Course-Specific And Professional School-Specific Personal Statement Writing Consultation By Experts


Writing an impressive Personal Statement (PS) is important as it can potentially impact the decision of the committee to allow or deny you admission to a professional medical, legal, or management school. Personal statement should not be a narrative resume, rather it should be able to offer your insight into a certain program at the professional school to which you are seeking admission. The reason that most of the applicants are not able to impress the admissions officers through their personal statements is that they write them like a boring narrative resume that no one wants to read.

Just like courses, professional schools have distinct requirements for personal essay. Thousands of students apply for a few places in a professional school, and it’s here that a creative and impressive personal statement can make a big difference to your admission prospects. When your application has reached the deal-breaker stage, you will certainly not want to leave anything to chance. You need to ensure that your personal statement is well written in advance of your application deadline.

With the help of experts from Bearing Academy, you can overcome the woes associated with your personal statement submission. The experts at the Bearing Academy are dedicated to increase your chances of admission success by helping you to develop the best possible personal statement befitting your skills and objective to get admission in a specific professional school with the help of their personal statement writing consultation. The expert team at the Bearing Academy providing personal statement writing consultation has over two decades of experience in the legal and medical professions. With their expertise and proficiency, the consultants endeavor to help the new generation leaders in revamping their future.

Personal statement consultations in 40 minutes sessions

Personal statement writing consultation is provided by Bearing Academy in six sessions of 40 minutes duration each. The consultants work one-on-one with the candidates to help them write a persuasive personal essay that can significantly improve their chances of being admitted to professional legal or medical school. Bearing Academy’s experts will ensure that you are able to write your story in a way that will catch the attention of the admission officer. Note that the experts guide the applicants to write their individual personal essays; they will not write personal essays for the candidates, and any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.

Bearing Academy also sponsors education charity with its Better Education and Better Futures program to support the educational needs of needy girl students. For every personal statement writing consultation, Bearing Academy donates to the program a secure a better future for these girls.

You need not bug your parents or friends for help

With experts of Bearing Academy, you will not need to bug your parents or friends to find issues with your personal statement and ask for improvement. Bearing Academy’s experts providing personal statement writing consultation have helped numerous students to get admission into the top professional schools in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and other countries of the world. They have written personal statements for those seeking admission in law, medical, and management courses at the world’s top professional schools at all academic levels.

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