Degree for Math Pros and Possible Career Paths


Mathematics, the backbone of scientific innovation and technological evolution, is not just about numbers.   For individuals with a natural flair for mathematics, a vast array of undergraduate courses and promising career paths beckon, especially in education hubs like the UK and Canada.  Let us delve into the exciting possibilities. 


  1. Pure Mathematics focuses on a theoretical understanding of numbers and the art of abstract thinking. 

  2. Applied Mathematics focuses on the practical application of mathematics in various industries like finance, engineering, and IT. 


  1. Statistics and Data Science focus on interpretation of data, statistical analysis, and predictive modelling.  


  1. Mathematics with Computer Science is a combination of mathematical theories with computational application and software development. 


  1. Financial Mathematics focuses on mathematical techniques in the realm of finance, investment strategies, and risk management. 


Prospective Career Paths for Maths Pros


  1. Actuarial Science – According to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the UK has seen a consistent demand for actuaries, especially with the rise of fintech.  Meanwhile, Canada’s insurance sector, growing at a CAGR of 4%, promises ample opportunities (source:  Statistics Canada)

  2. Data Analyst/Scientist – With the UK’s digital sector growing six times faster than any other industry (source: UK’s Digital Strategy Report), there is a surging demand for data experts.  Similarly, Canada’s tech boom, especially in cities like Toronto, makes it a hotspot for data roles.  


  1. Operational Researcher – According to, operational research is an expanding field in the UK, especially within the public sector and management consultancy.  


  1. Investment Analyst/Banker – As per the Bank of England, the finance sector in the UK is rebounding post-pandemic, ensuring a steady demand for finance professionals.  In Canada, cities like Toronto, known for their robust financial sector, offer myriad opportunities.  


  1. Teaching and Academia – With the UK government’s push towards STEM, there is a renewed focus on hiring mathematics educators (source:  Department of Education, UK).  Canada, with its global top 10 rank in education (source: OECD), consistently seeks educators and researchers in mathematics.  


These are just a few examples among many others for students interested in Mathematics to consider.  As data-driven decision-making takes centre stage globally, the demand for mathematical professionals is set to soar.  Choose your path wisely, and let mathematics be the compass that guides your career trajectory.  


As with all university applications, ensure you pay attention to entry requirements, especially if specific modules or courses are a prerequisite. Attend university open days, seek guidance from career counsellors, and don't shy away from reaching out to current students or alumni. Their first-hand experiences can offer invaluable insights.


Additionally, you shall consider universities known for their strong maths departments. While rankings are not everything, they can give you an idea of where a program stands in terms of academic rigour, faculty expertise, and research opportunities.


At Bearing Academy, our professional consultants will give you useful advice on course and university selection.   Email today for a free trial consultation. 


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