Richard Tatham


Richard was born and raised in the UK, and studied medicine at the Royal London Hospital. He graduated with honours, and then went on to study Internal Medicine and cardiology, before switching to Family Practice. Being a bit of a humanitarian, humorist and people lover, this change suited his more patient centred approach to Medicine.


He then moved to Newfoundland to pursue an interest in extreme rural medicine, and worked on the south coast of the island for over 10 years, often being the only doctor around for hundreds of miles. He forged close links with Memorial University, made some lifelong friends and began teaching students and residents.


After sitting the Canadian board exams and College of Family Physicians exams . Richard moved to Penticton in British Columbia. He works as a Hospitalist and family doctor, with an interest in care of the elderly and palliative care. He is a champion of a more empathetic, patient centred approach to medicine , as well as the use of humour and sympathy in the workplace.


Since 2007, Richard has worked on, acted in, and written questions for the “office simulation” part of the College of Family Physicians of Canada exam, the CCFP.


One day he hopes to grow up and to drive a train, preferably a steam locomotive. He also likes some peculiar rock bands and considers himself, in his own mind, to be a movie expert.



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