Luigi Pesce Ibarra



Luigi is a Doctor that specialized in Cognitive, Behavioral, and Clinical Neuroscience. He studied and was trained as a Rehabilitation Medicine Researcher and as a Translational Neuroscientist in New York at Stony Brook University. He was an international student that applied and went through the same international student process with an advisor. He accomplished 5 academic degrees in 9 years since he arrived in the US in 2010, right after studying for 2 years of Medical School in his home country, Venezuela. In the US, he earned double Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology & Biology, both with honors and Summa Cum Laude, as well as Graduate degrees in Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Medicine, and finally, he completed his Doctoral degree in Neuro-rehabilitation research working with Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Neuroscientists, and Biomedical Engineers.

Luigi speaks fluently 5 languages (Spanish, Italian, English, French, and Portuguese) and among the main qualities that make him a successful Consultant for Graduate, Undergraduate, Law School, Post-Doctoral, Pre-Med, and Medical School Students across multiple areas of study, as well as his determination to succeed, professionalism, discipline, adaptability, person-tailored approach and high work ethic. He uses a hybrid problem-solver approach and personalized as well as a multidimensional point of view with every client. Luigi uses his method because of his interdisciplinary education and diversified professional experience. He is unique in many aspects, one of those is that is his entrepreneurial spirit that comes along simultaneously with his very energetic and self-motivation to work on a multi-dimensional role starting on a top and innovative company such as Bearing Academy. Luigi specializes in the LATAM and EU regions, helping students for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Medical Studies.

 He is the CEO of The Ibarra Exchange, the first bilingual, international, scientific-clinical platform focus on Interviews, Psychoeducation, and Podcasts on OCD and mental health awareness. Moreover, he works as a Private Consultant with multiple clients in the EU as a Translational Neuroscientist, and for both an Environmental Organization and a Neurologist Private Practice in Traumatic Brain Injury. Furthermore, he is also a Clinical Electrophysiologist; he is an expert in EEG, EKG, and EMG. Finally, he has worked ever since in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological, and Med-Tech companies using approaches such as Immuno-Oncology such as Monoclonal Antibodies and Oncolytic Virus Therapy, as well as working for an NYC based Consulting company that directly re-organized and re-structure the finance team of Johnson & Johnson.


He is the son and grandson of Medical Doctors and Physicians, he left his seat at the only Medical School in 2010, in the entire west of the country to study in the US. However, he completed 2 Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Biology, 2 Masters degrees; an MS in Neurobiology & Neuropsychology and an MA in Rehabilitation Medicine. All of this, before finishing his Doctoral degree in Health, Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences specializing in Concussion as a Cognitive-Motor Neuroscientist, working with patients. Just as he did throughout his 5 years of professional graduate studies, Luigi worked in simultaneous clinical trials at the Med-Tech Rehabilitation Research and Movement Performance (RRAMP) as a graduate research assistant. He gained more autonomy and independence and worked as a Project Manager and Research Director of his Doctoral Thesis studies. As well as being more involved in the multiple trials he was selected to work in. Remarkably, he was the youngest and the only Hispanic student in both his Master's and Ph.D. graduate programs. The latter is the only interdisciplinary and translational program of the US focused on Clinical Health. Remarkably, Luigi completed his Doctoral Studies while working in multiple Clinical Trials of Spinal Cord Injury, in record time (less than 4 years).

In addition to graduating on record time, Luigi worked as an Adjunct University Professor for multiple graduate courses in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program with 350 students in the class, Biology labs, Statistical Courses, and Psychology classes for Undergraduate Students, and has extensive experience in advising and mentoring individual students as well as working with focus groups. Regarding his multiple University Extra-Curricular Activities during Graduate School, Luigi worked as Graduate Student Government (GSG) for 3 years as a Communications & Policy Director. In this role, he oversaw and conducted the interviews recruiting of the entire staff, organizing visits to DC and Albany, Senate Meeting, Executive Meetings, for the GSG of Stony Brook University (SBU). Finally, throughout his undergraduate students, he worked for 3 years as an Academic Peer Advisor, 2 years as a Resident Assistant and Tutor, and 3 years as a Supplemental Instructor Leader/Teaching Assistant. 

He has worked continuously after graduating as a Doctor in August 2019, first by translating neuroscience and psychological principles to marketing and business development in different firms in NYC. Right after and ever since May 2020, he continues to advance in the science field by working in Research & Development in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Non-profit organizations, and for Medical Doctors in their respective Private Practices treating patients. As well as his Doctoral research, he used psychometrics, cognitive-behavioral-based methods, and electrophysiological devices as a Ph.D. researcher, he is passionate about multitasking (shift tasking), searches for a role where can add value to the company in multiple ways. He has a high work ethic, and his solving problem approach is an interdisciplinary and hybrid method consisting of understanding the “how” and “why” of every problem, and both the need of the student and the parents. He uses his research method to satisfy the needs of any client he is working with. Luigi puts a strong emphasis on matching at best the diverse personality and culture of the client. He has seen both positivity chemistry helps to build a strong relationship and success. Luigi is far beyond determined and passionate about continue building credibility with a successful corporate track record and helping others thrive in the US, by being the advisor he received help from.

Luigi is always driven to earn the respect of his supervisors, match the corporate culture, share his positive mentality and skills with his colleagues, and grow professionally within different industries that the firm works with. His academic training and professional R&D experience have focused on multiple medical fields such as Genetic Engineering, Molecular Neurobiology, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Immuno-Oncology, obesity, infectious diseases.  He uses his spare time to continue to learn to become a better scientist, so he does research, grow as a consultant, and mastering multiple medical fields such as Neurology, Psychiatry, Physical Medical & Rehabilitation. As well as reading current literature on different pathologies such as neurodegeneration, as well as multiple diseases of the brain including different forms of dementia, addictions, and cancer. However, for fun, Sports and Music always helps as entertainment too.


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