Accounting As A Professional Qualification

Item No.: Consultation J

Category: Post Undergraduate Business School Advisory

USD $1200.00

Modern accounting first took it shape in 15th century in the city state of Venice during the Renaissance. Since then it has evolved into a foundational language by which businesses tracks, communicates, and transacts. The practice of accounting is critical to every modern business, and is a thriving profession on its own with more than 2 million practicing professionals worldwide. Bearing Academy believes that studying accountancy is a fundamental way to understand businesses worldwide, and not necessarily as a pre-cursor to a career in the profession after undergraduate studies. And there exists numerous business opportunities after professional qualifications.

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Ideal Candidates:  Final year business school student or early career businessmen who are considering accounting as a professional qualification or career

Our consultants are experienced accountants who excel either in the profession or other business fields.  They offer expert yet tailored career advice to candidates who would like to pursue in the relevant field.

This service has 2 sessions of 45 minutes each.


Objective: To help candidates explore accounting either as a career or as a qualification for further career advance in their fields of choice


Session 1 (45 Minutes)

To understand candidates career aspiration, current state of their career and their relative strength.  Based on the discussion our consultants shall discuss how the profession of accounting could help in candidates’ case.  Our consultant shall assess the candidate’s skill-set and aspiration, and how they would fit to a career in accounting.


Session 2 (45 Minutes)

The second session will lead off from the outcome of discussion from the previous session.  Based on the candidate’s aspiration, our consultant shall share his/ her own professional and business experience in the field, and provide practical advice to the candidate to help him/ her realizing his/ her aspiration.  The candidate is also welcome to raise any questions pertaining to the accounting profession.

We understand that there might be needs for advice for professional examinations.  If suitable, our consultants can provide extra sessions at US$500 for each 40 mins.  Or, as appropriate, we shall refer candidates for the external parties for further support.


Final outcome:

To augment candidates’ career through the study of accounting


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