The BEARING Star Framework: Better preparation, better standard, better professionals

The BEARING Star Framework was developed to prepare young potential professionals to meet all the necessary requirements to become a successful professional. This framework focuses on academic, emotional, and career development to assist young professionals in their career. We want to help young professionals strengthen their skill set and to be leaders of tomorrow. 




The BEARING Star Pillars
•    Guiding – We counsel and offer advice at an early stage to prepare our young potential professionals to be ready to enter into the first formal stage of the professional training 
•    Preparation – We align our expertise to assist you to explore the appropriate school and academic program and begin the first formal stage of the professional journey 
•    Advisory Support – Once you embark on your professional studies, you may face different challenges both academically and personally.  We will guide you and give you support through the process. 
•    Opportunities – Upon the completion of your studies, we offer advice on different career paths and assist you in finding the right opportunities. 
•    Professional Development – Once you enter into the profession, we provide continuous support and mentoring and follow through your professional career. You will become part of the Bearing professional network throughout your career.


Becoming a BEARING Star
Our expert consultants have decades of experience in their respective professional fields. Our team has worked with students from various stages in their academic career.  We are confident that our experts’ comprehensive knowledge in the field will help candidates excel at their chose career. We are aware of the challenges many young professional face, and we are ready to tackle the problems right by your side. By working with young professionals at an early stage, Bearing prepares them for professional academic training program. We continue to provide them support throughout their academic training and assist them in their transition to their career. We want to be part of every milestone, and we will provide mentorship support to help them with long term career development and growth. We want to be part of their professional journey and together they will become successful BEARING professionals and stars in their chose careers. 


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