The story of BEARING begins with founders (David & Johnny) who have known each other for more than three decades since university when they resided in the same undergraduate residence in Toronto, Canada.  Both have excelled at their respective careers and have mentored a number of successful individuals.

David has established his own medical practice and has taught courses in a Canadian medical school.  He has mentored numerous students who have been very successful in their career. David is compassionate and enjoys working closely with his patients and students. His goal is to foster the next generation of compassionate doctors for the next generation.

Johnny is a corporate and banking lawyer, who has worked in the legal and business sector. He has worked as a strategy consultant in international law firms, multinational companies and business strategy consulting firm. As an alumni of INSEAD, Johnny has assisted in recruitment and has mentored students in the admission process and offered career advice to them at the same time. He has also been heavily involved in giving career development advice and counselling to the young lawyers he supervises. Johnny wants to utilize his leadership and expertise to help the next generation of lawyers.

Through their respective professional experience and interaction, David and Johnny discovered that there were a large number of young individuals who are interested in the medical and legal field. Many of these young individuals lacked knowledge and had misconception about the field. They identify a big knowledge “gap” in the profession. They have taken on as part of their professional obligation and return to society to grow the next generation of legal and medical professionals and hence the idea of BEARING is conceived and formed.


Read more about David and Johnny's ideas of helping students find their "bearings" in this article published in the University of Toronto Arts and Science Alumni website.  Click HERE to read the article.


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Giving back to Education

As part of our mission to grow the next generation of leaders, we believe a good education is an essential part of it. With this strong belief as part of our DNA, we want to make a difference to the world by giving education opportunity to those who, otherwise, may not get it!

We are proud to sponsor an education charity, Room to Read, through the Better Education, Better Futures program, we will donate school days for girls’ education in developing countries. We think a day of school would mean more than just classes and textbooks. It means a brighter and better future for these girls. We believe that a good education will not only improve their lives but also help to lift them and their future generations out of poverty with hope. (see Giving Back for details of the program)

Moreover, through the Bearing Foundation, and working with our consultants, we would donate and promote education with other education charities, building a better world and future for our next generation.