Cindy Tong



Cindy Tong is currently the General Counsel and Head of Compliance for a global insurance company.  She looks after legal and compliance matters for Asia, covering 7 countries, and has a team of over 100 lawyers and compliance officers.

Cindy received her early education in Hong Kong.  She graduated Form 5 (equivalent to IGCSE level) from a local girls’ school in Hong Kong.  She then went on to study philosophy at the University of Western Ontario, in London, Canada.  Before completing her philosophy studies she was accepted into Osgood Hall Law School, York University, in Toronto, and received her Bachelor of Law degree from Osgoode.   

Upon graduating from law school Cindy decided she would return to Hong Kong to pursue her career in law.  She was called to the bar of Hong Kong in 2001, and subsequently practiced cross border and China investment work with the China Corporate Practice of Baker & McKenzie, Hong Kong.  She moved on to work at Linklaters, Hong Kong, again in the China Commercial Group, focusing on cross-border mergers & acquisitions work.  A short stint as in-house counsel at Walt Disney Company brought her closer to the corporate world, and eventually in 2009, after spending more time at the Corporate Practice Group of Baker & McKenzie, Cindy decided to go in-house with AXA.

Cindy specializes in mergers and acquisitions, but currently spends more time managing and developing the legal and compliance teams of AXA in Asia.  She is part of the senior leadership team at AXA Asia and is committed to and believes fully in people development, and understands that a strong team is often comprised of a combination of different capabilities and expertise, and that everyone, if given the right opportunity, will excel in their own special area. 


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