David Wong



Professor David Wong studied biochemistry and received his BSc(Hons)at The University of Toronto in Canada.  He proceeded to study medicine at the University of Toronto and obtained a MD degree.  He then pursued his residency in Family Medicine and he has been certified by the College of Family Physician of Canada.  He has also been certified as a Fellow in Family Medicine.  He also pursued a master’s degree in medical education.  He is actively involved in teaching undergraduate medical students at the University of Toronto since 2002 and has won many teaching awards, including the Clinical Teacher Award as well as the Master Teacher Award. 



David was born in Hong Kong and spent his primary education in Hong Kong.  His family immigrated to Canada when he was 11 years old.   He attended high school in Ottawa and went onto studying biochemistry at the University of Toronto after graduating high school.  While in University, David lived in the residence and learned a lot about life on campus.  The years that he lived in the residence were perhaps the most memorable time of his life.   He also made some life long friends from his residence days.  After his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, David was going to attend graduate school.  However, he felt that working in a lab was not for him as he really enjoyed working with people.   Hence, he decided to pursue a career in medicine and attended medical school in Toronto.  After completing medical school and residency in Family Medicine, David worked as a family physician with special interest in geriatrics in Toronto since 1994. 


David also has a passion for teaching since he was a child.  He had done a lot of tutoring for other students when he was in high school.   At one point, he had considered to become a teacher.  Even though he pursued a career in medicine, he never gave up his passion for teaching.  Fortunately, a teaching opportunity came up at the University of Toronto medical school and David took on this position in 2002.  He has been teaching first and second year medical students clinical and communication skills ever since.  He teaches students how to conduct histories and perform physical examinations.  He also does clinical teaching at his medical office to senior medical students.   Students learn how to manage and treat patients in a family medicine clinic setting as well as learning how to become a compassionate and responsible physician.   He also coordinated the clinical skills courses and involved in curriculum and faculty development.  In addition to teaching, David is also an examiner for the MCCQE exams as well as the Family Medicine licensing exams in Canada.


In his spare time, David enjoys traveling, reading (to keep up with current events), and playing with computers.  He enjoys fixing and putting computers together and has helped many of his friends to troubleshoot their computers.   In the future, David hopes to travel to see more places, but he also hopes to help more people to get closer to their life long goals.

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