Different Jobs You Can Do with a Medicine Degree


Did your parents want you to study medicine but you do not stand for it? Have you in your half-way through your medical degree and wondering why choose this profession to become a doctor? Whatever your situation is, you should know there are different careers in the medical profession apart from becoming a doctor. Here we are sharing a few of them so you can use your medical degree to build a career in your choice of work.

  • Public health worker

They are responsible for protecting and promoting the good health of a general population. You can work on preventing the infectious spread of disease or environmental health hazards. Also, you can provide your support in developing strategies for improving the efficiency, efficacy, and accountability of your health service.

  • Medical-legal advisor

They are responsible for dealing with cases that come in the medical area. A medical-legal representative is required to attend court trials, run workshop, lectures and write articles.

  • A clinical forensic medical examiner

This is an interesting way to build a good career in the medical field if you have completed training as a doctor. The role of a forensic medical examiner is to examine the living. They are trained to carry out the medical examination after dead. 

  • Crowd doctor

It is a great career option for those people who want to provide their services to help others like a doctor but they don’t work in any clinical hospital environment. Crowd doctors offer their services to cover the huge amount of people in any event organized in stadiums and outdoor festivals. 

  • Medical photographer

This career allows you to apply for both creative and medical skills. 

Medical photographers utilized their skill photography and video making for patient care and also for general information and marketing for health publication.

  • Transplant coordinator

These professionals work as a coordinator between organ donation and transplantation process. They work with medical, non-medical personnel, and paramedical and include in different stages of the process including meeting with donors, follow-up, etc. The role includes both administrative and medical tasks.

  • Medical/pharmaceutical researcher

In this field, you will always learn something new because it is constantly developing. Medical researchers conduct experiments and analysis results for learning more about the human body and new treatments. They work with the pharmaceutical industry, hospital labs, research centers, academia, and medical research charities.

  • Sports and exercise medicine

This field is also recognized as a medical specialty. They are focused on dealing with medical conditions and injury faced by sports persons like athletes who participate in physical activity.

  • Medical Sales Representative

If you have good sales skills then you can work as medical sale representatives. They work as a mediator between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals. If the dynamic and target-driven world of sales appeals to you, working as a medical sales representative could be for you. The role involves acting as a mediator between healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Medical Teacher

In medical education, you can work to support medical student trainees or educate the public of your country or abroad. If you are interested in an educating number of people then it is an ideal career choice for you.

  • Investment banker

Investment bankers are those who help companies in getting funds and offer advice on equity research and merger and acquisitions.  As a healthcare equity research analyst, you can use your medical degree to advise the health industry like biotech companies.

  • Occupational physician 

They are responsible for helping those who have had a medical illness or accident and need medical assistance at their place. Occupational physicians are involved in providing health advice, organization training, ensure high standards for health and safety at work, etc.

  • Radiology/ diagnostic imaging director  

They are responsible to take charge of keeping on top of medical imaging programs like ultrasound, x-rays, CT scans, etc. they ensure that the right professional standards are met.

These are some career options you can choose if you want to build your career in the medical profession but not as a traditional doctor. Do you want to get more information about the medical field? Want to get professional post-medical school career suitability consultation or post-law school career suitability consultation then Bearing Academy is a one-stop solution to accomplish your needs. We are offering professional career consultation services for those who want to build their career in the medical and legal fields as well as in MBA programs or other undergraduate courses. Browse our website to enroll in our programs. 



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