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A personal statement is one of the important requirements of the college admission process. It can make or break your application so you need to spend time to carefully write and edit the statement. Here we are sharing a few tips that can make your application appealing and effective:-

  • Use it for addressing the unattractive parts of your application

Personal statement showcases your accomplishments and details of your activity. If you have participated in any sport then you should mention it in the application to make it impressive (typically works for US schools rather than UK schools). Even, if you forget to talk about anything in your application then you can write it in your personal statement. It also gives you great space to explain your serious problems such as your test scores, ideal grades, etc. For example, if you have a gap year in your education then a personal statement gives you to discuss your issues.

  • Highlight your achievements

Maybe you are not able to describe your achievements into any category on the application that you can discuss in your personal statement. You could also use your statement for elaborating on your achievements that found to be proud of and discuss it in detail. The personal statement gives you a great opportunity to tell anything to the admission officer which you want to tell them. Your statement is something that makes you stand out from other applications.

  • Keep the application short and attractive

Don’t write a too-long statement that makes it boring to read for the admission officer. The most effective application should not exceed more than one page or as per the guidelines. You should always read the instruction before writing the application. Use strong words, short paragraphs, and an active voice to write an attractive statement.

  • Proofread

It is important to edit your personal statement perfectly. This little piece of statement reflects your image so you should be careful when writing it. Proofread your application and make sure it is grammatically correct and don’t have any typo mistake. Also, make sure your application is not copied otherwise it will be rejected and ruin your dream of getting admission to your desired school.

A good personal statement plays a crucial role in the admission process so that you can’t ignore it. So, take your time and make an application that lets your voice be heard.

Bearing Academy- Personal statement writing consultation from experts

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In short, Bearing Academy is a one-stop education, career, and life advisory institution that helps the candidates in managing their career life cycle and ecosystem of legal, medical and business professionals.



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