Introduction to the Profession & Pre-Professional School Application Career Suitability Consultation

Item No.: Consultation A

Category: Pre and on-going Law and Medical School Advisory

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If you aspire to make a career in the medical or law profession then you will have to go through with its long grueling application process. Very often, applicants get confused and stressed out while undergoing the complicated application process and require professional help to ensure that the things go smoothly without any hassles. If you are also among one of those in need then we are happy to help and take you through this complicated process.   At Bearing Academy, we are dedicated to provide the professional and pre-professional school application career suitability consultation to the candidates to make the application filling process simple and easy for them.  By offering expert pre law school career suitability consultation and pre medical school career suitability consultation, we provide a helping hand in boosting the career of next generation of leaders in medicine and law. Enroll now to get professional consultation service from qualified and experienced consultants and step ahead to realize your dreams. 

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Ideal candidate: High School Applicants & University Student
Our experienced consultants in law or medicine will work one-on-one with the candidate to introduce the various features of the profession.  We assess the candidate’s suitability and interest to the profession.  We do recommend candidates come to us as early as possible (ideally 2 – 3 years prior to making the application) to confirm your interest in the profession so that you will have adequate time to prepare for the professional school applications.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of careers in law or medicine.

Session 1:  Introduction to Respective Profession (45 Minutes)
This introduction provides insights into: duties and responsibilities, work nature, career prospect, and prospective hidden drawback of the profession.

Session 2: Candidate Assessment (45 Minutes)
Consultant will evaluate the candidates’ individual traits, motivation & qualifications and provide feedback. We will assess the candidate’s communication skills, analytical skills as well as interpersonal skills.  This assessment will help to identify whether the candidate is suitable for the profession.

Session 3: Questions & Answers session (30 Minutes)
The last session is meant to answer questions and concerns the candidate may have regarding the profession. It is advised that individuals come into these sessions with prepared questions. Candidates should book the last session (after reflections) at least a week after the second session.
Final outcome:
By participating in our services, we are confident that candidates will be more informed about the respective profession, its expectations and responsibility; thus allowing candidates to personally evaluate their suitability to make future decisions.



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