Launching of the “Better Education, Better Futures” Girls’ Education Program with ROOM TO READ


With the mission of growing the next generation of leaders and part of the Bearing DNA belief in good education changing the lives of many and making the world a better place for all of us, we are proud to sponsor the education charity Room to Read, we are launching the Better education, Better Futures donation program.


Through this education donation program for each consultation Bearing provide, we will donate school days to Room to Read to provide for girls’ education.


We believe that a day of school would mean more than classes and textbooks to these girls. It will mean a brighter and better future which otherwise, these young ladies many never have! It will also help to lift these girls and their future generations out of poverty with hope.


We strongly believe that this program will make a big difference to these girls and making and building a better world and future for all of us!




Founded in 1999 with little more than a few hundred books and a yak to deliver them across the Himalayas, Room to Read has grown into a leading nonprofit with a reputation for outstanding efficacy, community involvement, and results. To date, 1.24 million children have benefitted from the organization.

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