Medicine related volunteer experiences or summer job to enhance the medical school application

school application
If you ask the question whether it is essential to get some practical clinical experience in medicine before applying to medical school, the answer to that is “no” because many successful applicants receive offers without such experience. However, if you turn the question around and ask would it help if you have some experience working in a medical setting then the answer would be “yes”.
There are a few good reasons for that.

  1. Volunteer in a medical setting gives you an idea what the profession is like
  2. You can use your experience in your personal statement when you apply to medical school
  3. You get to meet other physicians
  4. Having work experiences in a clinic or hospital gives you extra talking point during your interview.
  5. Investing time working in a health care setting will also demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are serious about a career in medicine.

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