Mistakes you should avoid when writing MBA program application


You have good grades, experience, and want to get admission in the business school. But, there is one important thing you need to do is to convince the admission committee. And this can be done by writing impressive personal statements/ essays. This is an important element that can make or break your dream of getting admission to your desired MBA School. The MBA program application consultation professionals can assist you in writing an effective statement to improve your chances of getting admission.

The impersonal personal statement 

Writing a personal statement doesn’t mean that you will transfer complete information straight from your resume. Many candidates copy their resume in the MBA personal statement which admission committee will never like to see. MBA essay is used for conveys information to the admission committee which is not written in the resume. The admission committee already knows about your duties, grades, and internship information with your resume. In a personal statement, you should write something that you want to share with the admission committee and not written in your resume. Write something fresh and original that admission officers will love to read.

Irrelevant content 

The admission committee always gives priority to unique essays that make you stand apart from those many cookie-cutter pieces. But, it doesn’t mean that you will write anything in the essay. You read the instructions before start writing your essay. Read the question and make sure to give a relevant point-to-point answer.

Tell that you want to get admission

This is a common mistake that can be seen in many applications. That is why you should be accepted into the university program. In this question mostly candidates tell about school and its good points but the question is why you are qualified for it. The admission committee is trying to make an ideal classroom with fascinating students who come from different backgrounds. How will you add to that mix? What you will do? You need to show in this text.

Show your positive side, don’t apologize 

You don’t need to apologize in the application at any point like to explain black marks on your records, gap years, etc. You have many words to convince the admission committee that you are the right candidate for admission. You don’t need to use those negative words to paint a flattering portrait of yourself. You have plenty of ways to sell yourself by giving a positive message.

Avoiding such common mistakes can help you in creating an attention-grabbing application that improves your chances of getting admission to MBA School.

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