Other Non-Legal Career Options for Law Graduates

  • Practicing law is high-pressured and competitive. Practicing in law may not be the a right fit for everyone
  • There are various transferable skills that will enable law graduate to enter into other professions. These skills are:

              i) Problem solving
             ii) Research
            iii) Communication
            iv) Analytical
             v) Attention to details

  • Examples of other non-exhaustive possible career options are:

     i) Qualifying as a chartered / company secretary
    ii) Role in the civil service
   iii) Investment banking and financial related careers
  iv) Job in the government tax office
   v) Working as a tax consultant
  vi) Chartered town planner
 vii) Editorial roles in legal publishing
viii) Management Consultant
  ix) Insurance roles, especially in loss adjusting
   x) Compliance officers
  xi) Management training in a range of sectors
 xii) Politics

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