Professional Mentoring Consultation for Practitioners

Item No.: Consultation J

Category: Post Law and Medical School Advisory

USD $825.00

Finally, when you step into your professional career, you may find some challenges and difficulties in your job. You may get stressed out and plan to change your career path. But, our professional mentoring consultants can help you to cope up with your situation by providing right guidance and consultation. We support our candidate to deal with the ups and downs of their career paths and move ahead steadily. In our professional mentoring consultation for lawyers and professional mentoring consultation for doctors, we strive that our candidates outshine in their careers. By getting professional advice from an experienced mentor, you can easily cope with any professional difficulty and get good exposure to realize your career goals. Contact us to get professional mentoring consultation for legal practitioners and professional mentoring consultation for medical practitioners.

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Ideal Candidates:  Any practicing professionals
As the candidate embark on his/her professional career, you may come across different challenges on the job. You may discover that you are not sure about the different career paths within your profession.  You may be thinking about changing career and are nervous about the process.  Or perhaps you are feeling stressed and having difficulty in dealing with career related issues or other non-career related personal professional issues.  Our senior consultants can mentor and guide you through this difficult time. Our team can work on challenges and help candidates successfully cope with these issues.  We want our candidates to excel in their careers.  It is important to note that by having a mentor and getting the proper advice, it could potentially save “years” of wasted time by redirecting the candidate down the right path.

To provide mentorship and advice to practitioners who are facing challenges in their career

Final Outcome:
To ensure practitioners have the resources and support to overcome their challenges

Each session is 45 minutes in length. Please note that it may take more than one session depending on the nature of the issues. 


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