Sarah Khan

Associate Consultant

Sarah Khan, an associate consultant at BEARING, attended St. Michaels University School in Victoria, Canada. She holds an Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London, a B.A. in Writing from the University of Victoria, and a J.D. from the University of British Columbia.


Sarah was raised on the beautiful west coast of Canada, in Victoria, B.C. Her early education, both formal and informal, instilled in her a strong value system and ethical grounding which continue to shape her outlook.


In her high school and undergraduate years, Sarah’s interest in communication led her to pursue both performance and teaching opportunities in this field. Sarah mentored young students in speech and performance skills, and went on to complete her Associate Diploma in Speech and Drama with Distinction from Trinity College London. At the same time, she continued her full-time studies towards a B.A. in Writing at the University of Victoria. With an eye to bringing her combining her interest in rhetoric with advocacy, Sarah then focused on joining the legal profession.


While studying law at the University of British Columbia, Sarah had the opportunity to participate in various mentorship programs, as both mentee and mentor. The enriched experience and perspective these programs offered have had long-lasting benefits. Sarah has found it to be true that supporting others goes hand in hand with investing in yourself, and that this combination is the key to building strong communities.


As a recent graduate, Sarah is familiar with the current law school application process, as well as the opportunities and challenges that students may encounter during the program. She is well situated to provide meaningful, up-to-date advice for prospective and current students. During her studies, Sarah enjoyed connecting with prospective students to share information and advice, and she is pleased to continue on in this role with BEARING.


In her spare time, Sarah looks forward to reading poetry and fiction, genres she dearly misses while immersed in legalese. She is always in search of new podcasts to listen to while running, and new recipes to test out after the runs!



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