Summer Internship Application Consultation

Item No.: Consultation H

Category: Pre and on-going Undergraduate Business School Advisory

USD $2200.00

Having the right summer internship is an important component of your profile. Summer internship in reputable firms puts you head-and-shoulders above your peers in the eventual competition for your dream job after the undergraduate business program. It also helps you to make decision on your career by giving you a preview of the relevant career. Most importantly, some of the strongest and most important business relationship starts building from internship.

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Ideal Candidates:  Current students of undergraduate business schools

At Bearing Academy, we understand the processes and the key qualities that the companies would look for internship.  We shall work with you, one-on-one tailored to your aspiration, interest and skills to map out relevant application targets.  We shall guide you through the application processes from application submission, interviews and eventual choice between offers that best suit you.  We hope we can help you to make the first step right in your business career.



To guide candidates making the right choices, and gaining admission to the right internship opportunities.


Final Outcome:

Session 1 (45 Minutes)

To discuss with the candidate on career aspiration and relative strength, and we shall work with the candidate to develop options for candidates to pursue.  Based on the discussion outcome, our consultant and the candidate as a team shall develop the necessary action items to pursue the right internship opportunities.  Our consultants shall advice the candidate on positioning of themselves, and guide the candidate to look for the right opportunities.


Session 2 (45 Minutes)

The focus of this session will be on improving and customizing the candidate’s cover letter and the CV.  We shall ask the candidate to draft a cover letter and a CV, and our consultant shall review them with the candidate.  Our consultant will provide comments and recommendations to ensure the cover letter and CV deliver the right quality to prospective employers.  Our recommendations could include formatting, crafting of the overall message to convey, use-of-languages, relative emphasis of experience and qualifications.


Session 3 (45 Minutes)

Focus of this session will be focusing on the candidate’s interviewing skills.  Our consultants shall provide general practical interview advice for the candidate.  Coverage of such advice include body languages, gesture, manner, use-of-language, articulation, logical thinking through to dealing with particularly tough questions or situations.


Session 4 (45 Minutes)

Focus of this session will be focusing on areas that need further support, and shall be determined after the first 3 sessions.  Examples for such further support could be further coaching required for interviews or CV/ cover letter refinements, etc.

While most candidates on average will find four (4) online sessions to be adequate, some remaining candidates may need further assistance on this. We can provide additional forty-five (45) minutes session at additional cost. Mock interviews can also be offered at additional cost. (per session of forty-five (45) mins.)

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