Things you should know about professional school interview


Whether you are applying for medical school, law school, or any other professional course, an interview is usually one of the key steps of the process to obtain admission. An interview will enable the admission committee to understand your interpersonal skills and other aspects. A face-to-face meeting with admission officers will allow them to assess your level of confidence and evaluate your body language as you respond. Before attending an interview, you need to first prepare for it because your admission is highly dependent on it.

Importance of interview for your admission

An interview is usually one of the important things that you need to clear for getting admission in any medical, law, or other professional schools although your intellectual ability and previous records are also important, but a personal interview is another way to evaluate and understand your traits require fostering the development of compassion, competence, and responsibility. The admission officer will pay attention to your ability to communicate and interact, maturity level, tolerance power, etc., and check your motivation for the career you choose.

Questions asked by the interviewers

You can judge what type of questions will be asked by the admission committed. But, you should be well-prepared for all types of questions related to your stream or course you applied for. Also, you should prepare to talk on some general topic or questions such as:-

  • How do you handle stress and pressure?
  • What are the people you admire?
  • What motivates you?
  • What is your strength and weakness?
  • How do you evaluate success?

These some common questions that the admission committee can ask you.

Who you should expect to meet in the interview?

The interview day will bring a lot of opportunities for you to interact with faculty, administrators, staff, and senior students. During the interview, you will likely meet a dozen or more people. Generally, interviews are conducted by admission committee, administration, and faculty but some schools include the student body in the interview committee.  The size of the interview committee varies from institution to institution. It is good you should be well-prepared and confident to answer the question in the interview.

How to practice for an interview?

Mock interviews and practice for talking about you are one of the best ways for interview preparations.  You can ask your friends, family members, professors, or supervisors whom you trust to conduct your mock interview.  Behave like that you are giving a real interview. Try to do your mock interview practice at least 2 or 3 times before appearing in the final interview. The mock interviews will make you feel comfortable talking about yourself. You should know how to talk about your personality, accomplishments, tendencies, and experiences.

Research each school’s interview format and tendencies

Before you appear for an interview, you should research well and know what is expected from each school. The interview is different from school to school so you should know what type of interview you are going for. You should obtain information about each school where you applied so that you could answer the questions more appropriately in the interview. The best way is to meet with school students who attend that school and tell the right information. Apart from this, you can also visit the school website and learn from it.

Read your primary and secondary application

This is very important that you know everything about your application before attending the interview. Your interview is a final part of the admission process. Therefore it is always good to recall the previous stages of the admission process; you may forget what you have written on your application. This is important to recall all those things because admission committed can ask you questions related to an application. For example, if you have written a reason why you want to become a doctor in your personal statement but give a completely different answer when they ask you in the interview then it might leave your negative impact on them.

Get professional help for interview preparation

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